Jackson Attorney: FBI Files Are 'Almost Vindication'

The documents also reveal that Santa Barbara police had concerns about a possible terrorist attack related to the 2003 arrest of Jackson, which led to a request for FBI assistance. The FBI concluded there was no threat.

The 1993 accuser's mother, June did testify at the trial 2005 and told the court that the ordeal with Jackson in 1993 fractured the boy's family and cost her the relationship she had with her son.

The accuser's father Evan killed himself last month. A onetime Beverly Hills dentist, Evan was found in his New Jersey waterfront apartment dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Sources close to the family say his suicide most likely stemmed from his longtime debilitating illness.

During the 2005 trial it was known that the FBI's behavioral and forensics units had consulted on the case, but the file released Tuesday reveals that various arms of the FBI assisted the Santa Barbara district attorney's office.

They included the crimes against children unit (CACU), innocent images national initiative against children unit, computer analysis response team (CART), the FBI lab, Los Angeles NCAVC coordinator and the Department of Justice's child exploitation and obscenity section (CEO's).

The FBI examined Jackson's motor vehicle records to see if he "transported a minor across state lines for immoral purposes." The agency went to London and Manila to investigate other accusations that Jackson had engaged in improper behavior with boys.

The agency also investigated another allegation from a woman and her husband who worked in child services in Toronto, Canada. The couple had taken the same train as Jackson from Chicago to the Grand Canyon and said Jackson had a minor boy with him whom he identified as a "cousin." The couple reported that Jackson was possessive of the boy and that they heard questionable noises. The woman was concerned enough to notify a conductor.

Before the 2005 trial, the FBI and DA also met to discuss "…the collection of sexually explicit images in magazine and books" and a VHS videotape that the FBI analyzed as part of a child pornography investigation.

Also within the documents is a lot of material pertaining to threats made by Frank Paul Jones, who was convicted in 1993 of stalking Janet Jackson and threatening to commit mass murder at a Michael Jackson concert.

Click here to read the FBI file from the extortion investigation

This was all reported at the time, but it's not clear if Jones' letters were ever released.

In one letter, dated 5/21/1992, Jones threatened to kill Michael Jackson if "I don't get my money."

Jones copied the FBI and the late mob boss John Gotti on the letter. He also threatened to kill President George H.W. Bush.

On July 16, 1992 Jones threatened in another letter to "commit mass murder" at a Michael Jackson concert, if necessary, in an attempt to kill Jackson.

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