Shoplifting: Advice and Resources to Treat the Problem

"Good Morning America" reported this morning on Rudy Giuliani's daughter being accused of shoplifting.

Caroline Giuliani was allegedly caught on video taking about $100 worth of merchandise from Sephora, a beauty retailer in New York City.

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VIDEO: Two Florida women are accused of using toddlers to shoplift at Walmart.Play
Alleged Shoplifting Involves Toddlers

Shoplifting is more common than people might think, and it can become a habit, or even an addiction.

If you think you or your loved one may have a shoplifting problem, here are some resources that could help:

More Information on Shoplifting

National Society for Shoplifting Prevention You can fill out a profile to see if you are potentially a shoplifting addict and need to seek treatment.

The National Self-Help and Support Center Get online support and find out if there is a support group near you.

TeensHealth Information and support for teens.