Which TV Moments Went Too Far?

The halftime incident in which singer Janet Jackson's breast was bared at the Super Bowl has many people considering: How far is too far on TV?

In two congressional hearings today, lawmakers will consider punishing legislation that could hike fines as much as 10 times what they are now for indecency on television networks [up to $270,000 per incident] and a "three strikes you're off" provision that would have broadcasters losing their license to broadcast.

In the meantime, some shows seem to be responding to the heavy attention from the Federal Communications Commission.

The drama ER blurred a shot of a bare breast during a recent show, and there has been reports that NYPD Blue has discussed cutting one particularly graphic upcoming scene.

Good Morning America wants to know what you think of some of the raciest moments in mainstream TV, both broadcast and cable.

Take a look at some of the examples GMA provided below. Then tell us which TV scene you think went too far, and which ones do you think were OK to show on television?

Broadcast Television

Friends: Ross and Rachel are shown kissing, and suddenly she feels something wet. "Oh, it's OK," Rachel says. "No, that was the juice box," Ross responds. "Oh, thank God," Rachel replied.

NYPD Blue: Viewers got an intimate look at Detective Andy Sipowicz while he showered during one episode a decade ago.

Law & Order: A woman was shown stabbing herself in one graphic scene of an episode.

The O/C: A kid walks in on a hot tub scene and says the following:

"Sorry, I should really learn to knock, in case there's a threesome going on in the bathtub."

Cable Television

HBO's Sex and the City: In one episode of the HBO hit, three characters discuss men wearing kilts at a wedding. Carrie says: "We got off easy, the groomsmen have to wear kilts. "I like the idea of men in skirts, easy access," Samantha responds. "Is it true they don't wear anything underneath,?" Miranda asks. "I'll find out and get back to you," Samantha responds.

The Sopranos: In one very bloody episode of HBO'sThe Sopranos, Tony Soprano is shown killing a character named Ralphie, then cutting up his body.

MTV Music Video Awards 2003: Britney Spears and Madonna share an open-mouth kiss in a musical performance during the awards ceremony.

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