Tom Hanks On Astronauts, IMAX's 'Apollo 13'

HANKS: (gasps) Oh my gosh!

CAMBERT: (holding up doll) This is a Major Matt Mason!

HANKS: (in unison) Major Matt Mason. There he is! Right there! Well, now, Okay. (handles doll) Yes. Because this would have — used to have been white. Now, you don't have the helmet. (jokes) What's the point? But you'll notice there: see, there he would be relatively pose-able and this is what would go on. And this is what would go on for — I would sit by the coffee table in my mom's living room, going like this (breathes deeply). I'd do that for hours and hours and hours. Was I sick or what?

CAMBERT: Yeah, a little bit.

HANKS (handing it back to CAMBERT): Major Matt Mason!

CAMBERT: Its yours!

HANKS: Oh, stop!

CAMBERT: Although, you dissed me with the 'NO HELMET!' thing, so maybe I should take it back …

HANKS (laughs): Well, no, that's alright.

CAMBERT: Now, I think I want it back...

HANKS: No, no, no.

CAMBERT: I want Major Matt back. (sarcastically at doll in HANKS's pocket) Yeah, that'll look nice. You'll talk to Major Matt. Should I ask him questions?

HANKS (talking to doll in his pocket): What do you think, Major Matt? (makes deep breathing noises)

CAMBERT: At the very end of our interview, I'd like to do something called: 'True And False.'

HANKS: Okay.

CAMBERT: Subject: 'Tom Hanks'. Are you ready?

HANKS: Yeah.

CAMBERT: True or false? You are a direct descendant of Nancy Hanks Lincoln — Abraham Lincoln's mother.

HANKS: True.

CAMBERT: That is true?!


CAMBERT: Mm. True or False?: because of your love of space you asked George Lucas if you could have a role in Star Wars: Episode 3, playing the part of Jar Jar Hanks.

HANKS (laughs):

CAMBERT: True or False?

HANKS: False. I'm sorry to say.

CAMBERT: True or False: Steven Spielberg refers to you as 'Old Faithful.'

HANKS: Uh, not to my face! (laughs)

CAMBERT: But it could be true?!

HANKS: It could be true!

CAMBERT: Well, Tom — it was great to see you again, man.

HANKS: Always a pleasure. Thank you very much. Thank you for Major Matt. And, oh — just one last thing. (holds up doll, breathes deeply)

CAMBERT: You're scaring me, now.

HANKS: (keeps holding up doll, breathes deeply)

CAMBERT: Bye-bye.

HANKS: (keeps holding up doll, breathes deeply)

CAMBERT: It's a two-hour show, Tom. Bye-bye. (off-camera laughter)

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