Books About Sept. 11

After Sept. 11, many books were published about what happened that day, examining everything from the heroism of the firefighters to the terrorists responsible for the tragedy.

Here is a partial list of some of those many books:

The Heart of Grief by Thomas Attig; publisher, Oxford; Synopsis: Death and the search for lasting love

Report from Ground Zero, Dennis Smith; published by Viking; Theme: The story of the rescue efforts at the WTC.

The Day Our World Changed: Children's Art of 9/11 by Robin F. Goodman, PhD. and Andrea Henderson Fahnestock; published by Abrams; Synopsis: Children's art and an intro by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Twin Towers Remembered, Camilo Jose Vergara; Princeton Architectural Press; Synopsis: Photos taken from all parts of Manhattan of the World Trade Center.

The American Creed: A Spiritual and Patriotic Primer, Forrest Church; St. Martin's Press; Synopsis: A great way to understand America in spiritual terms.

Out of the Ruins: A New York Record, Jean Holabird, Gingko Press; Synopsis: Lower Manhattan, Autumn 2001.

Six Days of War, Michael B. Oren; Oxford; Synopsis: June 1967 and the making of the modern Middle East.

No God but God, Geneive Abdo; Oxford; Synopsis: Egypt and the triumph of Islam.

What Went Wrong, Bernard Lewis; Oxford, Synopsis: Western impact and the Middle Eastern response.

The Other Side of Welfare, Pamela L. Cave; Capital Books; Real stories from a single mother.

The New Nuclear Danger, Dr. Helen Caldicott; The New Press; Synopsis: George W. Bush's military-industrial complex.

What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam, John L. Esposito; Oxford; Synopsis: Answers to frequently asked questions, from one of America's leading experts.

Our Mission and Our Moment: President Bush's Address to the Nation; Newmarket Press; Synopsis: President's address to the nation before a joint session of congress, Sept. 20, 2001.

Stress-Relief: For Disasters Great and Small, Georgia Witkin Ph.D.; Newmarket Press; Synopsis: What to expect and what to do from day one to year one and beyond.

Worlds in Collision, Edited by Ken Booth and Tim Dunne; Palgrave Macmillan; Synopsis: Terror and the future of global order.

The War Against Terror Masters, Michael A. Ledeen; St. Martin's Press; Synopsis: Why it Happened. Where we are now. How we'll win.

Inside 9-11: What Really Happened; St. Martin's Press; From the reporters, writers and editors of Der Spiegel Magazine.

War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, Chris Hedges; Public Affairs; Synopsis: Truths about humanity's love affair with war, offering a moving and thought-provoking meditation.

Onthatday: A Book of Hope for Children by Andrea Patel; Tricycle Press. Synopsis: A book of hope for children.

A New Deal for New York, Mike Wallace; Bell & Weiland/Gotham Center Books; Synopsis: In the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks we should not just rebuild but rethink.

Inside Afghanistan, John Weaver; W Publishing Group; Synopsis: The American who stayed behind after Sept. 11, and his mission of mercy to a war-torn people.

A Just Response, Edited by Katrina Vanden Heuvel; Nation Books; Synopsis: The nation on terrorism, democracy and Sept. 11.

The Day the World Came to Town, Jim Defede; Regan Books/Harper Collins; Sept. 11 in Gander Newfoundland.

A New World Trade Center, Max Protetch; Regan Books/Harper Collins; Synopsis: Design proposals from leading architects worldwide.

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