Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is the comic who appeals to movie fans' inner adolescence. They cheered him on when he was unable to hold a job in Big Daddy and when he was unlucky in love in the Wedding Singer.

Sandler hero is the loveable loser turned brilliant success.

Now, Adam Sandler takes on a new kind of role as the sweeter, softer and constantly hugging, longfellow Deeds. The film is a remake of the Frank Capra classic, Mr. Deeds goes to town.

MS. SAWYER: 9:27:16 So how did you get so beautiful?

MR. SANDLER: I don't know. I just--Oil of Olay.

MS. SAWYER: Oil of Olay, huh?

MR. SANDLER: Yeah, I just, I just care a lot about if you touch me, if I feel right. 27:28 I don't know, I always my whole life I just wanted people, no matter where they touched me on my body, I wanted it to feel smooth to them, so that's probably helped.27:36

MS. SAWYER: 27:37 Because I remember the last time we talked, you felt that people hadn't really treated seriously enough the hunky shape you were in. MR. SANDLER: Yeah. Yeah. MS. SAWYER: And I just want to make sure that I'm the first to treat it seriously enough.27:50

MR. SANDLER: You know what, you treating me right it's like everyone's--I think you could start the whole craze.27:57 MS. SAWYER: I really think I could, too. MR. SANDLER: Thank you.

MS. SAWYER: Do you check your website to see what people are saying about you?

MR. SANDLER: I've seen some stuff.28:03 I've seen some--I put my dog Meatball on my website, so Meatball on website there's more talk about him than there is about me, but, yeah, most of the time I hear things like, "Man, Adam is so--he has beautiful eyes," that kind of stuff, and I agree, when they're not cross-eyed.28:21/// IN MR DEEDS, ADAM SANDLER'S CHARACTER WAKES UP ONE DAY TO A 40 BILLION DOLLAR INHERITENCE FROM A RELATIVE HE'S NEVER MET. MS. SAWYER: 30:52 So, "Mr. Deeds," had you seen the movie as a kid? Did you know anything about the story? MR. SANDLER: Yeah, I saw it when I was a kid.//I thought Gary Cooper was real cool//31:16 and I said, Old movie you know, I didn't really think I should be redoing any movies. And then I was at my house with my dad, and he said, "Well, you've got to do that. Grandma liked that movie, and you've got to do a movie your grandma likes.// MS. SAWYER: And it's heartwarming. MR. SANDLER: Yeah, it's sweet. It's very--it's a very sweet movie, very romantic. The guy that I play is such a nice man and doesn't curse, doesn't, you know, he just stands up for what he believes in. MS. SAWYER: 32:25 We have a clip where you're going to the jail, and Steve Buscemi-- MR. SANDLER: Oh, yeah, yeah. MS. SAWYER: --is in jail, and you're delivering him another exotic-- MR. SANDLER: Yes, sure. MS. SAWYER: --pizza. 32:34 [Movie clip played :30] MR. SANDLER:33:11 That's that Buscemi fellow. You can't go wrong.//You give Buscemi the ball he's going to, he's going to score.33:16 ///////// MS. SAWYER:36:10 I'm going to play another clip, MTV Movie Awards, you and Winona Ryder, who's your co-star. MR. SANDLER: Okay. That sounds nice. 36:16 [MTV Awards clip played:25] MR. SANDLER: 36:57 Yeah, Winona has butterscotch-

MS. SAWYER: She's been through so much recently. Do you know the right thing to say, the right thing to be, to be the friend?

MR. SANDLER: 37:08 I was told that the thing that's making her the most upset is the fact that my finger touched her chest. She can't shake that one.

MS. SAWYER: That's the one that just comes back and haunts her. MR. SANDLER: Yeah, every night, she's like, "Why, dad? Why would that man touch me?"37:19 No, I know she's going through a tough time, but she's very nice. //You know, we had a great time shooting the movie, and it stinks right now that she can't enjoy the movie coming out. //37:44 I'm looking forward to it all being done for her. She's a very nice girl. 37:50

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