Dog-Proof: Good And Bad Toys For Your Pooch

Squeaky toys — latex toys with bells or noise makers inside — are not bad if you supervise the dog when he is playing with it, but do not leave the dog alone with them, Becker said. The dog will chew the toy and attack it in efforts to get the squeaker out, and if they are successful, they could swallow those noisemakers. If you supervise the dog, you will know when they are at this point.

If your dog does choke on something, you can do two things. One is use your finger to do a sweep through the mouth to try to remove it, using gauze to help get a grip on the dog's tongue. You can also do the Heimlich maneuver on the pooch, Becker said.

To do it, turn the dog into a wheelbarrow of sorts. Get on your knees and pull your dog towards your chest, then place your fist behind the dog's last rib and give a sharp blow between the shoulder blades. If that doesn't work, pull your fist toward you five times, sharply.

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