Trends to Help Keep You on the Run

It's tough keeping up with trends, but it's even tougher keeping up with the people who do, especially if they happen to be on a skateboard with 24 wheels, one of this fall's hot fads.

Jane Buckingham, a trend correspondent for The Style Network, said the 11 new trends she picked out for this fall have a common denominator.

"They're all about originality and fun and being different; so many new products are launching every day, people are looking for the thing that can distinguish them," Buckingham said on Good Morning America.

Disposable cell phones: These are based on the same philosophy as disposable cameras, with manufacturers hoping the use 'em and leave 'em phones will become a hit. You can also save the shell of the phone and replace the minutes. The phones are available in different colors, and users can purchase a certain amount of minutes. They cost $40 for 30 minutes of talk time. Made by Telespree (

They are great when you forget your phone or lose it, or if you want to give your child a cell phone without worrying about giving away a phone with a one-year contract, Buckingham said.

Diamond studs for cell phones: When in doubt, add diamonds. Tiny diamond studs are now being sold as a way to customize cell phones. The tiny custom appliqu├ęs are $6 to $8 a piece. The phone jewels can be found under "Jewlz" at

Polaroid I-zone camera: This is a two-inch camera that takes Polaroid-style pictures with stickers on the back. The cameras cost $25 to $28 ( A Sticky Jewelry necklace to hold the picture retails for $11.99 (

Xbox: Microsoft's video game system is comparable to Sony's PlayStation II. But what is different about it is you can play online with anyone in the world. The system features an Ethernet port, which allows for online gaming via a broadband connection. You can also play DVDs and CDs on the system by Microsoft. It costs $299 (

Flowlab Deep-Carve System Skate Board: The Flowlab skateboard has deep carving abilities and 24 wheels, as opposed to a regular board with four wheels. It has a curve in the front and back like a combination skateboard and surfboard. The Flowlab boards cost $150-$199 (

T-Board by Tierney Rides: This board introduces two-wheeled torsion riding technology. Push deep into the curve and control your speed (

Rollerskates: These predecessors to inline skates are making a comeback, and at least two sneaker companies are rolling out their versions. Puma (, a retro brand from the 1970s, is making a comeback, and Skechers ( is also making a rollerskate. They retail for about $125.

Makeup Kits: For women on the go, several companies are coming up with traveling makeup kits. The kits, from Estee Lauder (, Nars (, Urban Outfitters ( and Lorac ( range from small to large, so that women can find everything they need in one place. They retail at prices ranging from $20 to $60.

Beauty Eraser Pencils: Perfect for anyone who messes up mascara and lipstick, the pencils, by Shiseido, can just erase over it, like a pencil, and the mistake is gone. The pencils retail for $15 (

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