Exerpt of 'The BAP Handbook'

NEVER embarrass my family, NEVER flaunt my wealth and privileges, NEVER wear holey underwear, NEVER accept less than one carat, NEVER wear nail decals, NEVER have gold teeth, NEVER date a man with a press and curl, NEVER let them see me sweat, And I Will Never Expect Anything Less than the Best!

Now stand up, raise your MAC lipstick tube to the sky, and repeat the following:

Say it loud, I'm a BAP and I'm proud! Say it loud, I'm a BAP and I'm proud! Say it loud, I'm a BAP and I'm proud! A BUPPY Is Not a BAP

Another general misconception is that every Black educated professional woman is a BAP. The terms BAP and Black Urban Professional (BUPPY) are not interchangeable. A BAP may also be "categorized" as BUPPY, but a BUPPY is not necessarily a BAP. BAPitude is about one's lifestyle, a way of thinking. Some argue that one's professional status catapults one into the BAP lifestyle, but such advocates are misguided. Being a BAP is about more than one's job or the size of one's bank account. There is not enough money in the world to purchase BAPitude.

Top 10 Maternal Admonitions

1. Oh no! You aren't going out of the house looking like that! 2. Don't embarrass me. 3. Don't act out. 4. Is that how you're going to wear your hair? 5. Now what do you say? (Thank you.) 6. I'm talking! What do you say? (Excuse me.) 7. (When visiting a friend.) You better show them you were raised properly and clean up after yourself. I didn't raise any heathens. 8. Cross your legs at the ankles. 9. You'll be grown soon enough. Go upstairs and wash that eyeliner off before someone sees you. 10. Stand up straight. Hold your stomach in. Tuck your butt under.

What Kind of BAP Are You?

Betty: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the BAPpiest of them all?

Mirror: Why you are my dear with your perfect life, let's just hope you don't crack before you become a wife!

Betty: Short for continuous betterment, (a.) A BAP by birthright who strives for perfection in everything she undertakes. (b.) A BAP whose life expectations are based on a sense of entitlement. (c.) The quintessential BAP.

Perfection to her is quite essential She has to live up to her potential. She works real hard, all day and night, To get it And do it, 'Cuz the Betty wants it right!

No pretender to the throne, Betty is the BAPpiest of all. Firm in the belief that her lifestyle is a right guaranteed by birth, her demeanor is infused with a regal air. As a child of privilege, Betty has always received and expected the Best and Nothing Less. Her birthright guarantees unlimited access to the world.

Betty's vanity, her compulsive shopping, and workout schedule give some the impression that she is a narcissistic shop-a-holic, but nothing could be further from the truth. Well, there might be a modicum of truth here. . . . A few Bettys have made curler confessions. Yes, they admitted to putting curlers in their hair once their boyfriends had fallen asleep. And believe it or not, they woke up extra-early to take them out (if they admitted to this, imagine what they won't 'fess up to!).

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