Exerpt of 'The BAP Handbook'

Being a Boho is not as simple as she makes it appear. She's capable of weathering high-pressured situations or graduate school, but finds her muse sagging under the weight of societal and familial expectations. See, Boho doesn't thrive on stress … it's not her thing. Everyone deals with stress in her own way; Boho just chooses not to deal with it if she can help it. So rather than suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, her inner percussionist leads her to a world filled with peace, love, and sooooooul!!!

This present-day flower child can be found working in any area that has a relaxed dress code and a less corporate atmosphere. Often you will find Bohos as writers, teachers, producers, artists, social workers, public defenders, or in any job that bucks the system or has a cause behind it. This calling to serve the public assuages her guilt for inheriting the first pew at the High Holy Church of All Things Expensive. Although Boho expects to live a comfortable lifestyle, she isn't focused on making a ton of money — just enough to purchase as many Birkenstocks as her little heart desires!

Just because she wears Birkies doesn't mean she renounces her BAP membership. She simply wouldn't be caught dead without the requisite Boho trappings or her BAPitude. When it comes to clothing, Bohos either shine or fail miserably. While no particular theme resonates throughout her wardrobe, one note is loud and clear . . . it must appear as if she did not spend an inordinate amount of time or money on her outfit. While the exact opposite is usually the case, a casual observer would be none the wiser. Mothers, of course, pray that their Boho's eccentric taste in clothing is a phase that will eventually pass.

So, traversing through life composing her song, Boho must remain steadfast and carve out her own niche. Let Boho march to the sound she hears, however measured or far away, just as long as she keeps the beat.

Butterfly: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the most grounded BAP of all?

Mirror: Why you are dear with your realistic life, you've persevered and excelled in spite of strife!

Butterfly: (a.) A BAP who evolved from a dormant state at any point during her life. (b.) A BAP who is often presumed to be a Betty. (c.) A BAP who may protest the categorization.

If Cinderella were Black, she'd be a Butterfly. The Butterfly knows what life is like after the clock strikes midnight — no ride, no man, no fly glass slippers. While she isn't born dripping with diamonds, she is born with a huge dose of steely perseverance. Through sheer will, accented with a little good fortune, she turns into a lovely BAP. Her two delightful sisters Betty and Boho are there to guide her each step of the way. While college usually provides the catalyst for the Butterfly's metamorphosis, the crux of her story begins at birth.

See, Butterfly is born to be a Betty, but she didn't grow up with the same fairy-tale beginning. Don't be mistaken. Just because she's a late bloomer doesn't mean she is a second-class BAP. Au contraire! In fact, Butterfly has an advantage over starry-eyed Bettys and Bohos; her humble beginnings nourish a grounded, mature BAP. Raised in a home with chitterlings, spice, and everything nice, Butterfly is often confronted with life's realities. She knows the value of a dollar and works for her allowance, unlike Betty and Boho, who, with the help of the housekeeper, merely go through the motions to collect their weekly stipends.

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