What Kind of Bride Are You?

What is your bridal style: classic, diva, natural, romantic, hip or fashion plate? WeddingChannel.com has come up with a quiz to help you figure it out.

Jot down your answer to the questions below, then go to the end of the page, and find out where you fit into the bridal style spectrum.

1. A favorite day with your groom would be spent:

a.) Attending the horse races

b.) Attending a matinee of the newest dramatic play

c.) Mountain biking along an endless trail

d.) Watching An Affair to Remember, curled up under a blanket in front of a fireplace

e.) Antiquing through a flea market

f.) Sitting in the front row of a designer trunk show

2. The person you'd most like to sit beside at a dinner party:

a.) Jackie Kennedy

b.) Salvador Dali

c.) Jacques Cousteau

d.) Danielle Steel

e.) Andy Warhol

f.) Coco Chanel

3. Your idea of the perfect dining experience:

a.) Family dinner at home using your grandmother's recipes

b.) Lobster tail and caviar at the Rainbow Room

c.) Hot dogs and beans prepared over a campfire

d.) Mussels, chocolate and champagne overlooking the ocean

e.) A birthday bash at the "it" restaurant from 20 years ago

f.) Haute cuisine at the hottest bistro

4. The piece of furniture you'd most like to purchase is:

a.)A hutch for your fine bone china

b.) A red lacquered desk

c.) A picnic table for your backyard

d.) A love seat

e.) A steamer trunk which you'll use as a coffee table

f.) A large glass mirror

5. Your favorite evening with your groom is spent:

a.) Entertaining at home

b.) The opening night of the opera

c.) Under the stars

d.) At a bed and breakfast

e.) At a gallery opening

f.) People watching at the best nightspot

6. The thing you most want by your bed is:

a.) A photograph of your loved ones

b.) A nighttime mask

c.) A travel clock

d.) Scented candles

e.) Vases filled with wild flowers

f.) Vogue magazine

7. What's your favorite color combination?

a.) Light blue and silver

b.) Deep red and black

c.) Khaki and tan

d.) Lavender and pink

e.) Does leopard print count?

f.) White on white

8. What's your favorite outfit?

a.) Jeans, a cashmere sweater and pearls

b.) Black leather pants, tall boots, and a to-die-for jacket

c.) Dri-weave shorts and a flannel shirt

d.) A silk slip

e.) A vintage skirt paired with your best friend's top

f.) Wait. Which designer are we talking?

9. The wedding present you'd most like to receive is:

a.) A silver frame with our wedding invitation

b.) A museum membership

c.) Matching sleeping bags

d.) A weekend in Napa Valley

e.) Coffee table books

f.) Designer bedding

10. What's the one beauty item you'd need if stranded on a desert island?

a.) Hairbrush

b.) Black mascara

c.) Chapstick

d.) Pink blush

e.) Frosted eye shadow

f.) French manicure kit

11. What's your favorite photograph of you and your groom?

a.) Our engagement photo

b.) Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower

c.) Climbing Mt. Everest

d.) Our first Napa Valley experience

e.) Dancing the night away

f.) Standing on Madison Avenue

12. What's your favorite kitchen appliance?

a.) The tea kettle

b.) The microwave

c.) The manual can opener

d.) The corkscrew

e.) The breadmaker

f.) What's a kitchen?

13. What's your favorite dessert?

a.) Hot apple pie a la mode

b.) Créme brulee

c.) Smores

d.) Chocolate-dipped strawberries

e.) Store-bought chocolate chip cookies

f.) Godiva chocolates

14. Who's your favorite female celebrity?

a.) Audrey Hepburn

b.) Bette Davis

c.) Susan Sarandon

d.) Jane Seymour

e.) Madonna

f.) Gwyneth Paltrow

15. My favorite part of myself is:

a.) My graceful elegance

b.) My wisdom

c.) My persistence

d.) My touchy-feely mannerisms

e.) My versatility

f.) My loyalty