'Survivor' Star's Honeymoon Sex Tape Scandal

Jenna Lewis has endured weeks on a deserted island without food, shelter, or even a change of clothes. But can she survive a sex scandal?

Lewis is no stranger to exposure. The mother of two starred in the first season of the CBS hit Survivor and later went on to star in the reality show's All-Stars season this past spring. Lewis even appeared on the cover of Time magazine in a pink bikini following her Survivor stint.

But now Lewis, 27, and her new husband, model Travis Wolfe, 21, are facing exposure of the most embarrassing kind: A sex tape they made on their wedding night has been released on the Internet.

Lewis and Wolfe say the 42-minute tape, recorded in a Las Vegas hotel room just hours after their impromptu marriage service, was supposed to be for their eyes only.

The couple, who married in May after a six-week courtship, say the tape vanished from their luggage at some point between their wedding night and their fourth or fifth day of marriage.

"A helplessness comes over you because there's nothing you can do about it," Lewis told 20/20's Chris Connelly. "You can start tracing your steps and then the biggest fear is that somebody is now looking at them and you're like, 'Oh, my God.' And that's a sickening feeling."

‘Angry’ Over Suggestions of Complicity

Lewis's worst fears were realized little more than a month later, when a Web site began selling downloadable copies of the tape. The woman who once turned down half-a-million dollars to pose nude for Playboy now had to prepare her loved ones for an even bigger shock.

"Oh, that was hard," Lewis said. "They were very supportive of what I was going through, but also like, 'Oh, Jenna.'

"My biggest fear was putting the embarrassment on them, that they then have to go to their church and have people know, and getting those knowing looks," she said. "And that was horrible, that something that I did ended up having repercussions on my family."

Lewis says the most difficult part of the scandal has been suggestions in the media that she or Wolfe might have had something to do with the tape's release.

"Yeah, we hear that a lot," Lewis said. "I mean, I'm a mom. It's just so hard that now someday I'm going to have to look my daughters in the eye and try to explain this away. And then to hear people tell me that I did it really makes me a little bit angry. Something that we took that was a loving moment ends up being for public consumption. And it feels so dirty and horrible."

Lewis says she never considered the tape might be stolen when she and Wolfe recorded it on their wedding night.

"I didn't consider it dirty when we were doing it," Lewis said. "It was like kind of tee-hee — a little bit off-limits — but it was fun, and it was something that we were sharing together."

Jenna Lewis will share more details on how her romantic honeymoon turned into an embarrassing scandal when she talks with 20/20's Chris Connelly this fall. Check your local listings.