Husband Arrested in Bubble Bath Plot

A husband's intimate welcome home for his wife after her tough day at the office was in reality a coldly calculated plot to kill her, the woman now claims.

Teresa Wolfe says her husband, William Joseph Wolfe, greeted her at the door of their home two months ago with a romantic card that read, "I just hope that you know that each moment we can spend together means so much to me …"

She says he then followed up the seemingly loving gesture by leading her into a prepared bubble bath complete with candles and romantic music.

As she relaxed in the bath, listening to soft music from a radio her husband apparently set up near the bath, she suddenly realized the radio, which was plugged into a electrical socket in her bedroom, was slipping into her bath.

"I caught and tossed it out real quick," Wolfe told ABCNEWS. "I sat there for a minute and it didn't seem right to me."

Wolfe claims her husband began to act suspiciously after the incident and says she couldn't shake the feeling something wasn't right.

After doing some investigating on her own, Wolfe says she discovered he had taken out a quarter-million-dollar life insurance policy on her. She says she also found a receipt for a dozen roses that she never received.

Then, when she tried to trace his Internet use, she alleges she discovered he had visited Web sites that offer information on the subject of electrocution.

After Wolfe contacted police, they eventually subpoenaed the computer.

"We found that he had visited Web sites that detail electrocution in bathtubs and various methods of electrocution in water prior to this report being filed," says Randy Freeman, chief of police in Henderson.

According to an affidavit presented in the case, William Wolfe, 34, took out a life insurance policy on his wife months ago. Police said the policy was for a "considerable amount of money."

When Teresa Wolfe contacted police, she said her husband had moved the radio from its usual place in the bathroom to a bench near the bathtub the night he apparently arranged the bath. She says he then attempted to bump the radio into the tub, but she was able to catch it in time.

"We believe she would've been electrocuted and possibly killed," Freeman said of the case.

William Wolfe was arrested last Thursday and has been released on bond. He faces a second-degree charge of attempted murder and could spend up to 20 years in prison if convicted. He has also been placed on unpaid leave from his job pending the outcome of the case.

Meanwhile, his attorney says his client is innocent.

"He didn't try to kill her, he didn't throw a radio into the bathtub, he has not been on the Internet researching methods to harm his wife," attorney Cary Crump said.

William and Teresa Wolfe, married four years ago, are both registered nurses. She said her husband always appeared to be an adoring father to their 11-month-old daughter and she says she's in shock over his arrest.

For Teresa Wolfe, it seems the ultimate betrayal of the man she once loved.

"I don't know how I'm every going be able to trust anybody again, honest," she says. "I mean the person you love tries to kill you, you know, how are you going to trust anybody again?"

ABCNEWS Mike Von Fremd reported this story on Good Morning America