Does Web Site Promote Celebrity Stalking?


"When a celebrity is on the rise the publicist it trying to get them attention, but when [the celebrity] is at the top there is too much attention," she said.

Even some of the Web site's users have expressed apprehension about the new Gawker Stalker feature.

In response to a post about seeing "Brokeback Mountain" star Michelle Williams at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, one reader replied: "OMG, that is a little bit scary. Brilliant, but scary."

Another post read: "Maybe I'm just old skool in my sightings style, but this seems a bit scary. Then again I use a Sony walkman cassette not an iPod."

Zeifman and Gross said they fear our celebrity-obsessed culture is getting out of control -- with countless magazines, Web sites and blogs tracking stars' every move.

"How much right as consumers do we have to be as invasive as we are to be in a celebrity's life? I don't know the answer to that question," said Gross.

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