Wrong Numbers From 'Idol' Voters Rattle Ohio Grandparents

After "American Idol's" final competition between sultry Katharine McPhee and soul man Taylor Hicks, the phone votes came in fast and furious but not all ended up in the right place.

A whopping 64 million people voted for "American Idol" this year, but what may have been good news for the show was not good news for a pair of Ohio grandparents, Dorothy and Jerry Few.

They've been married for nearly 55 years and have 10 grandchildren but were recently disturbed by a popular TV show. Their number happens to be just one digit away from the toll-free number viewers use to vote.

"Its just one call after another. As soon as we hang up, someone else gets through," said Dorothy Few. "It's just on and on."

"It's annoying," said Jerry Few.

"Very annoying," his wife added.

Across town, Ethel Bolling had similar troubles.

"One person immediately said before I got a chance to say anything, 'I want to vote for Kelly on 'American Idol,' and I said, 'This is a private number.' I'm glad it has its season. I wouldn't want to go through that year-round."

So why don't they change their numbers? Bolling and the Fews said they won't -- the Fews said they've had the same number since 1957.

They've never watched the singing competition but are happy the season has ended, they said.

"I'm glad it's over. We don't have to worry about it anymore," Jerry Few said.

That is, until next season.