GMA Challenge: 'Story of My Life'

POTENTIAL BOOK PUBLICATION: On or about the date of the announcement on Good Morning America of the Winner, Simon & Schuster, Inc. may, in its sole discretion, have published and have available for sale a full book based the winner's life story (the "Winner's Book"). Simon & Schuster may also, in its sole discretion, decide to publish a full book based on one or more of the non-winning finalists life stories (the "Finalist Books"). The Winner's Book and the Finalist Books will be published in Simon & Schuster's sole and absolute discretion. If the Winner's Book and/or the Finalist Books are published, the Winner's Book and Finalist Books will be written by a professional author with the input of the winner/finalists (such professional author to be chosen by Simon & Schuster or its designee), and the copyright in and to the Winner's and Finalist Books will be owned solely and exclusively by Nestegg Productions LLC. Winner and/or finalists will have no rights in or to the Winner's Book of Finalists Books, and will not receive any compensation or royalties for publication of the books.


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