Exclusive: Pelosi Says Bush 'Has to Answer for This War'


Pelosi: First of all, [it is] the president's war. He's the one without a plan. But what we have suggested to the president over and over again and that which he has ignored is that you have to have diplomatic and political initiatives in addition to military ones.

The decisions that have been made by the administration have not taken us away from chaos. They have drawn us into it. This is not an obligation of the American people in perpetuity.

Sawyer: Can you fathom any circumstance under which you would say, "No, leave troops there?"

Pelosi: Well, you always evaluate circumstances as they are a threat to the United States and what we do must make the American people safer, not weaken our military, and bring stability to the region.

What the president is doing fails on all three scores.

Sawyer: You must have to meet with families of those who have fallen in Iraq. What do you say when they ask, "Are you saying they died in vain?"

Pelosi:Of course not. I just had the privilege of meeting with the family of a young man that received the Congressional Medal of Honor. He jumped on a hand grenade and saved the lives of other young people in his unit.

And words are inadequate, of course, to console a family. They're very proud, of course, of their son, as we all are, and every single one of the young people, now over 3,000 who have given their lives in Iraq.

No, they did not die in vain. We appreciate what they have done. We applaud them and salute them for their valor, for their patriotism, and the sacrifice they are willing to make.

We just believe that the policy must be change. It's not about them. It's about the president and his policy.

Sawyer: One hundred hours in, do you think the fact that you're female is --

Pelosi: I'll be very honest with you, I didn't realize how much thirst there was for a change, for a change to say that women can do any of these jobs. Interestingly, fathers of daughters have been so excited about the prospect for their daughters.

Women waited, but not just waited, they worked all that time to get full equality in our country, and breaking this marble ceiling, I think, make's the sky the limit for young girls and women. They can do whatever they want. This marble ceiling is a pretty tough ceiling to break.

Sawyer: Here it is. … I wondered how long before it was coming. Clothes, somebody writes about clothes. Now, do you say, "Oh, give us a break?" Does it just seem inevitable to you that somebody, if it is female, is worried about clothes?

Pelosi: Clothes and hair.

Sawyer: Clothes and hair.

Pelosi: Clothes and hair. You know what? I don't have any time to think about it, I really don't. But if that's what draws people to pay attention to what's happening in politics, that's OK with me, because important decisions are being made here that affect people's lives and whatever draws them to it makes the process more legitimate and wholesome.

I do believe that women's involvement in the political process and in government is the single most important factor in making government more wholesome, more relevant to the lives of the American people, and more ready for change.

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