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Thinking the day is ruined and I might as well start over tomorrow after cheating

Eating out of the vending machine or fast food because I have no good choices at work

Beginning of Week 2

I feel like a celebrity! On Saturday our local paper published a few lines about my participation in the Self Challenge. On top of that, "Good Morning America" ran a segment on the the Challenge this Monday.

Monday morning my co-workers were ready, and immediately after report everyone gathered to watch my debut. Discussion included how much I weighed, my before picture, why I was doing this and how brave I am. Twice during the telecast I started to leave the room, but I got 22 phone calls immediately following the broadcast! (I have a large family.)

A checkout clerk at the grocery store on Saturday knew me from around town and remembered seeing my name in the paper and asked me if I really wanted to purchase the ice cream in my cart. (The ice cream was for my husband and son).

I questioned my sanity more than once on Monday. When someone asked me how I could share my weight with everyone, I reminded her it wasn't about the number. I am not invisible, I don't look or act any different once someone learns how many pounds I weigh. More importantly, I really meant it.

Until I started the Challenge, my husband had not known my correct weight since my 26 -ear-old daughter was born. I don't think my driver's license has ever reflected an accurate weight. I have to admit Tim was a little surprised with the number, but he still loves me just the same!

What I'm trying to get at is that the numbers aren't really that important. We are not doing ourselves or our daughters any favors when we live by the scale. I'm doing this to BE ME! I need to get strong and healthy again so I can do all the things that make me happy -- because when mama's happy everybody's happy.

Day 5: Out to Eat

I can't believe it is Day 5 of the diet, today I faced my toughest challenge -- going out to eat. My husband's uncle died and we were going to the funeral home, seeing family members that we only seem to see at funerals and then out to dinner.

We decided on a steakhouse, which may not have been the best choice. I am a big red meat fan and am ashamed to admit I can eat an 18 ounce steak with no problem.

I prepared for the extra temptation by making sure I stuck to the diet during the day, working out a little more before we went and making sure I wasn't starving by the time we got there. The first challenge came when we arrived at the restaurant; we had to wait for the table so everyone went to the bar. I'm not a big drinker, so I was satisfied with a diet Coke.

Of course appetizers were ordered; I passed that test by talking to every one at the table, (A LOT) so I wouldn't be tempted to put food in my mouth. For the first time in my life I didn't fill up on appetizers and bread before dinner. I ordered a 7 oz. broiled filet mignon and asparagus, ate slowly and filled up on unsweetened iced tea. Guess what, I felt great after dinner and was satisfied!

I finally managed to do the strengthening exercises last night. I am not very coordinated and always have trouble figuring out exactly what the picture is trying to get me to do. The video on the Self Challenge Web site helps a lot ( The exercises look pretty easy so I really didn't expect to be as sore as I was this morning. I must have stretched muscles that haven't been used in a long time.

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