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It may be my imagination but I'm pretty sure the suit pants I wore tonight didn't feel as tight, and I know I feel a lot better when I exercise every day. I'm not going to weigh myself until Monday.

I've signed up for the St. Patrick's Day 5K. It will be the first 5K I've done this year and I hope to beat all of my previous 5K times. I hope some of my Self Challenge Buddies will join me!

Day 3

Day 3 has come and gone, and I can't believe I haven't felt deprived of food. I'm not saying the pizza they brought in at lunch today wasn't a little tempting. All I had to think about was how awful it would be to still look like the "before pictures" at the end of the three months.

Tonight I was committed to doing the strengthening exercises, but somehow I ended up on my treadmill. (I really do love the treadmill.) You don't have to be coordinated, you don't have to think -- just listen to some music, watch TV, move your legs and arms, AND SWEAT. I can't believe I did a short interval at 6. Before tonight, I really have never been past 5.5. I did 2 miles on the treadmill then walked Rosy 1.25 miles outside.

Does anyone have a favorite treadmill mix? I promise to do the strengthening exercises tomorrow morning.

Good Luck on Day 4!

Days 1 and 2

Hi, my name is Teri Davis. I am a 49-year-old who simply cannot believe I've been around for 49 years. These last 49 years have been very busy. I managed to spend some time in the Air Force, get married, have great kids, graduate from college and work in the most rewarding career I could find: organ procurement for transplant. As you can see, I've been pretty busy.

My family has always been very active. Our lives centered on both of our children. We were busy with sports and school activities. This continued when they went away to college. As they both started college out of town playing a sport, we never missed a game. All of that ended last year. My daughter, Meredith, accepted a job promotion about 120 miles from home and my son. TJ (the baby) graduated from college and moved more than 400 miles away for a new job.

My husband and I were empty-nesters. We made lots of plans: a lake cottage to renovate, camping with our English mastiff and St. Bernard, running a marathon, learning to scuba dive. I was able to give 100 percent to a career that allows me to make a difference every day. I work in the field of organ procurement, recovering organs for transplant.

When Jan. 1, 2007, came around, I was tired. I couldn't keep up. I was tipping the scales at my highest weight ever. My four food groups consisted of chocolate, ice cream, red meat and lattes, in that order. I realized that if I wanted my golden years to be anything but tarnished, I needed to get in shape.

The day I read about the Self Challenge I knew this was the motivation I needed!!!!!! I have never been so excited to start a diet. It's Day 2 and I'm still excited. I've been able to stick to the diet and I've used the treadmill. Tomorrow I am going to do the strengthening exercises. I exercise at night, so I'm a little sore in the morning, but by the time I leave the office I am ready to go again.

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