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I'm happy to say I've added another pound to my weight loss! Body fat percentages keep going down, lean muscle mass keeps going up! I've also been eating vegetables three times a day. I'm waking up earlier and cooking breakfast. I'm eating omelets made out of one egg and two egg whites mixed with spinach and one slice of Canadian bacon. Sometimes I'll add a slice of Swiss cheese. I usually have a slice of toast and a cup of milk on the side. This keeps me full till my morning snack of or yogurt with 1/4 ounce of slivered almonds.

Lunch is chicken with vegetables and a roll or a slice of light bread. Dessert is a piece of fruit, usually an apple.

My afternoon snacks are sometimes string cheese with about 10 almonds or an apple with 1 STP. of almond butter. This snack is crucial -- it gives me my energy for evening workouts.

Dinner is usually a lean protein like chicken, salmon, or with a salad or vegetables. No grains -- it's something my trainer and I are trying out to get me over my weight loss plateau. For dessert I can have a Healthy Cow fudge , 50 calories. Yummy -- I look forward to that all day!

I've been really lucky that Marco is so supportive of me. He runs at 5 in the morning before going in to work. Since I workout in the evenings, he gets home early and cooks a really healthy dinner for us. I'm so lucky to be marrying such a sweetheart! He even sticks to the no grains just like me.

I'm looking forward to kick boxing tonight and dance tomorrow. I'm going to start training with Will in the mornings -- another new thing we want to try to get that scale moving!

Week 9 -- I'm Still Here!

Hi guys! Sorry you haven't heard from me for a few days. It's been quite hectic the past two weeks. The wedding is only three weeks away and I'm starting to feel that adrenaline rush!

I've had a hard time dealing with the fact that the weight hasn't dropped off as quickly as I've hoped. I made some bad food choices last weekend due to poor planning. I know never to go anywhere without a healthy snack, i.Ed. apples, string cheese, almonds in my purse. Somehow this weekend, I just didn't plan. We were in San Antonio this past weekend visiting the church where we'll be getting married (we were trying to decide on decorations), and stayed way past my lunchtime.

Believe it or not, I'm really leaning towards no or minimal decorations. The church is a beautiful Spanish mission, and I believe it's so rustic, it doesn't need further adornment. Kind of like a perfect rose or gardenia. Anyhow, back to the eating. We went to a Mexican restaurant and instead of ordering the grilled chicken (which is available on about 99% of the menus I've seen), I ordered enchiladas. To look at it on the bright side, I only ate one of the two enchiladas plus... a flour tortilla. I'm only human.

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