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To my credit, I've actually worked out 6 out of 7 days over the last two weeks. Maybe that's why I felt I could have that enchilada. Working really hard during the week doesn't give you license to throw dietary caution to the wind on the weekends. I know it but why do I make those poor choices? My trainer Will and I have been keeping a really close eye on my diet, we're trying to tweak things. I think I was eating way too many grains. Even healthy grains can get you in trouble if you have too much. I'm trying to be so much more conscious about my eating. I've also switched to light bread and have been using half egg, half egg substitute. I'm even incorporating veggies into breakfast so that I can have three servings a day. I'm also trying to have seafood twice a week.

I'll weigh in today and see where I stand as I start month 3. I'm still motivated and I know the Challenge is making a big difference in inches, lean muscle and a nice reduction in body fat percentage. I'm so happy I'm doing this. I've never worked so hard for something before and I'm really proud.

P.S. I reread my "tips" and I'll be sure to follow the one about not looking back and getting right back into the game. Also, this afternoon we're throwing a baby shower for one of my colleagues. There will be cake, cookies, chips, etc. I've already got a game plan. I went and bought an angel food cake. This way I'll still participate and not blow my diet.

Tomorrow is my wedding shower -- I'll be sure to send pictures. I'm already making plans for what I'll eat then too. We're ordering barbecue and I'll make sure to watch portions, stay away from the brisket, and fill up on veggies instead of potato salad. I also plan to workout before the shower. I might just have to have a small slice of cake. After all, you only get your bridal shower once.

April 19 -- Gonna walk down the aisle in 30 days! OK, now I'm starting to get antsy. Everyone is asking if I'm nervous, if I'm jittery, if I'm stressed.

"Well," I'd like to say, "I am now!" But, of course I just smile and say "of course not!" I mean, what is this obsession with Bridezillas? Even my mom is asking how I'm doing. Can't a girl just be normal when she gets married anymore? When Marco and I starting planning a wedding, we said no circus acts, no craziness, just you and me getting married.

Of course, it's been impossible not to get dragged into the vortex of the wedding industry. I mean, it's really crazy, but we try to stay focused on the fact that it's the beginning of our marriage, not some sort of Hollywood production. That said, I'm really excited to be getting married. Just kinda wish we would've eloped somewhere far away. I mean, my marriage won't depend on the color of the tablecloths.

Getting back to the Challenge, I'm winning a slow battle with the scale. Down another pound! And up four smiley faces so far this week! My diet is going great -- I'm measuring like a maniac but it works!

Friday the 13th -- Get What Ya Came For

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