First Lady Preps for Queen's Visit

Bush: I think it will be a wonderful soup. When we have a dinner like this, we do a tasting. We had a tasting a few weeks ago of all the dishes that our chef, Chris, proposed for this state dinner. For that tasting we actually had some senators and congressmen for dinner. They got to be the ones that helped us taste.

We asked them for their real opinion. Everyone thought it was wonderful, especially the soup. I think you'll like it.

Roberts: O.K., I'll take your advice on it.

Bush: Has a hint of lavender … and the lamb -- always a favorite. There is a fish course, too. … Tonight, the entertainment is the famous violinist, so we're thrilled that he'll be here.

We'll start, of course, during the receiving line, the president's own, the Marine band, will play. Then -- this is always such a thrill -- the strolling strings will come into the dining room. [There's] always a guest gasp when they come in because it's so beautiful. Then the Army chorus will also sing.

Roberts: Sounds like a beautiful evening. And you have a beautiful gown I understand?

Bush: A very beautiful gown by Oscar de la Renta. It's a long gown with a bolero over it. … This is a special one, made for me.

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