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According to The Nation magazine, Vanderslice "cornered" Kate Michelman of NARAL Pro-Choice America at the 2004 Democratic convention (in the proverbial "back alley," one can only hope) to ask Michelman for help "in convincing Catholics that Kerry was really against abortion." ("NARAL" is an acronym for something with "abortion" in the title, but we don't know what because the NARAL webpage won't use the word abortion.) Inasmuch as NARAL's raison d'être is to keep abortion legal until the baby is around age thirteen, either Kerry's religion adviser was casually enlisting NARAL to help lie to the American people or she is even dumber than the average Democrat.

At a church service at the Democratic National Convention held for People of Faith for Kerry (not to be confused with Muslims for Kerry), the church displayed a cloth sign proclaiming: "Lesbians, Gays & Friends at Old South Church" are "Open and Affirming." James Forbes of the Riverside Church in Manhattan delivered the sermon, in which he called for "full employment," "a true livable wage," "universal access to pre-kindergarten and childcare programs," a "progressive tax policy," and various other items specifically mentioned during the Sermon on the Mount.

And Democrats remain genuinely mystified as to why they didn't win the 2004 election. After the Democrats failed to get a majority of Americans to vote for them in the seventh straight presidential election—since Jimmy Carter won with 50.1 percent of the vote in 1976—liberal minister Jim Wallis leapt into the breach. He proposed to teach the Democrats how to "reframe" their language to make people think they believe in God. We don't believe this crazy God crap, but let's fake out the American people so we can enact gay marriage and partial birth abortion, and ban God from the Pledge of Allegiance. His big idea is to redefine Jesus' genuine, personal, volitional love for the poor as the same as their impersonal, coercive, compassionless welfare machinery. (Wallis's favorite part of the Gospel begins, "Blessed are the economically disadvantaged in spirit . . .")

The Democrats got off to a good start after the 2004 election when the new head of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, denounced Republicans as "pretty much a white Christian party." (Even when sneering at Christians—Christians!—Democrats use blacks for cover.) To be sure, 80 percent of the Republican Party is white and Christian, slightly higher than the nation as a whole, which is 70 percent white and Christian. Democrats cannot conceive of "hate speech" toward Christians because, in their eyes, Christians always deserve it.

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