Full Transcript of Musharraf Interview

Musharraf: No extremism, extremism is not on the rise in Pakistan. Extremism may be on the rise in Afghanistan. We- - in that part, especially south where the Pashtuns are bordering Pakistan, that is the area where there is trouble. The trouble is not that it -- in Pakistan being exported to Afghanistan. The trouble is in Afghanistan being exported to Pakistan. Now let's see Pakistan in that context.

I think in the Fattah area, yes, indeed, there is extremism. There is terrorism. There is -- there is al Qaeda. And there is militant Taliban who go across the border. Now that is what we are checking. But in the second district there is no [unintelligible]. It is the people of Suwat who are with us, who have assisted us. And that is why we- - we are succeeding there so much.

Cuomo: You dismiss the reports that the Taliban is moving into areas. It's being welcomed. That there's a growing fundamentalist and ... extremism... movement.

Musharraf: ... In the southern district?

Cuomo: And in general. That it ... is spreading ...

Musharraf: Absolutely --

Cuomo: And it is moving... from the tribal areas into more settled areas.

Musharraf: Yeah. No, no. Absolutely I reject that. That is not the case. I know there is [unintelligible] ...One has to very realistic about it. In Suwat, whatever is happening is being done by the locals -- some locals. The clerics. They have been reinforced by Umbet. They have been reinforced by some people, even from Punjab, the southern part. These extremists. But that is not on the rise.

They are being defeated now. Why are they -- how are they being defeated? It's the people. It's the people who don't want them. And they -- you should not wave those extremists.

If you find out details -- and I would like you to go and find out. You can go to the division how. They'll give you a briefing. They can even take you wherever you want in the operations area because that goes out in sections to the army now.

It the people there, this Kalam and Swathraly is a tourist area. They own money through tourism. They are extremely upset because their businesses are down. So the people are not at all extremist. They don't carry weapons. They are not like Fattah. And this -- these -- these are the people who are extremely happy now. And they are with us.

Cuomo: But do you dismiss the reports that extremism is on the rise? That the Taliban is recruiting more actively again? That suicide attacks... are up?

Musharraf: In Fattah, yes, indeed. I can't say that it is on the wane there.

Cuomo: But there...have been bombings here in Raul Pendi.

Musharraf: Well, that doesn't...mean that it's...on the rise, no. That doesn't mean it's on the rise.

Cuomo: What does that mean?

Musharraf: Who is doing the bombing? You see? ... Who is doing this? The source. We have got many people. We have got many of them. Most of those who have carried out the bombings in the last few -- month or two months have been caught. The source generally is the same. If it from south Wuziristan back to Lamasud. And [unintelligible] group. That is the source. They recruit suicide bombers and send them to Pakistan.

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