ABC News Talks With Kevin Everett's Physician

CASTILLO: There's no question. Because you can have the muscles, you can have the nerves that are functioning, but if you don't have the drive, the willingness to work and focus -- that's why when we have patients for rehabilitation the main important condition we have is do they have the psychological determination to participate, to succeed

HARRIS: So if you don't have the drive you won't go anywhere.

CASTILLO: I can make you exercise, but if you don't want to exercise, you're not ready to go to the next level.

HARRIS: And your sense is his head is in this game?

CASTILLO: The key to Kevin's success is the determination he's had, and the family support and a team of clinicians to guide him through - he has all the necessary ingredients to guide him to a good outcome.

HARRIS: When word was out that he was walking, was "miracle" overblown?

CASTILLO: It's hard to say. It's hard to compare one injury to the other. I handle a lot of patients with a similar level of injury, but did I see recovery? No.

HARRIS: So he's doing uncommonly well.

CASTILLO: I would say yes. … You have to consider it's only been 3½ months since he's been injured, and he couldn't move anything. All the way to now, he can walk and do basic self-care. So, is that amazing? You might call that remarkable for a 3½ month old injury. In our practice, we usually wait a year; it depends on the type of injury.

HARRIS: What do you think accounts for the fact that he had a serious injury, as others have had, and he's walking again. What's the difference here?

CASTILLO: I think it's everything. Because the key to his success is the way the quick response team responded. They stabilized his spine at the scene, the medical and surgical care he received in Buffalo and the rehabilitation he received at our facility. Those are the key things that helped him to recover. However, we're ignoring the determination he had to fight this injury, so I think the best one is really Kevin. Because Kevin really had, has the determination.

HARRIS: Are you surprised he made it to Buffalo?

CASTILLO: I had a feeling he would go. He asked me, can I fly to Buffalo, to visit friends. I'm really happy because he really wanted to do this, he wanted to thank the fans, not only the fans but the clinical staff who's been part of his care. He's been very private, and I respect his privacy, but I'm glad now he's comfortable, trying to live and start the rehab process. He just has the right attitude and family support. Everything went well for Kevin.

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