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Said Wells Lawrence, "My biggest mistake was selling my company. I sold my company to take care of a sick husband … I should not have done that … I think a lot of women do that — they get into a business and then they leave it because they think that — they're needed more elsewhere. And actually, sooner or later, you're going to be alone, having done that. And you will regret that you don't have your career."

A Woman President

The group agreed that Sen. Hilary Clinton's run for president has exposed many of the challenges they've faced themselves with being a powerful woman, and it's already a hot topic on WowOWow.

"It's hard to find that balance … If you're really tough, well you're a b**ch. If you're really sweet, then you're too soft to be president. You can't be commander-in-chief," said Stahl.

"It's very hard for a woman to flirt. All male candidates have a good time flirting. And if Hillary flirts, it's unattractive for many, many reasons," said Evans.

"Well, who's ever seen her flirt?" asked Smith.

"Well, she can't. That's the point [laughs] … A woman cannot do that," said Stahl.

"When I was running the company, I couldn't even really smile," said Wells Lawrence.

"Now Mary, you didn't sleep your way to the top, is that what you're saying?" joked Smith.

"I don't think I even slept," Wells Lawrence quipped back.

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