Excerpt: 'Gorgeously Green'

Start at the beginning of the book and slowly work your way through step by step. If you are like me, you may decide to skip certain areas that don't interest you or that you feel you are too busy to do. Don't worry — you'll probably want to go back many times, and I suggest you do. Have a pencil handy for the checklists.

Alternatively, you may just want to begin with a step that interests you. For instance, if you are specifically interested in organic and sustainable cuisine, you may want to begin with step 6. The important thing is to make a start.

I strongly suggest creating a Gorgeously Green group. Ask a few friends if they would be interested in forming a weekly or monthly gathering to discuss progress and obstacles and share new discoveries. I love creating a small community with a common purpose. I started a Gorgeously Green Girls' Club™ in my neighborhood. It was fantastic because each week someone would come in with a specific problem that we would all brainstorm. We would then come in the next time with ideas and solutions. At every gathering, we'd sample new products: nontoxic nail polish or a solar cell phone charger. We'd end by sharing fantastic organic food. More than anything, this group gave us an excuse to have a great party or night out. If we didn't feel like cooking, we'd try a new restaurant. If you would like to host a Gorgeously Green Girls' Club Evening for you and your friends, visit www.gorgeouslygreen.com.

It's also a brilliant idea to try to get your family involved, particularly your kids. They totally respond to the structure of a course. My husband loved the shopping step because I was compelled to practice what I preach!

What is so fabulous about the green movement is that it's mobilizing many of us to come together and fight for a cause that is relevant to everyone. There is an exciting shift in the collective consciousness. I see it everywhere — people wanting to get past themselves in order to reach for something greater. Our personal survival depends on global unity.

Girls' Club — Why not host a fabulous evening of eco-learning and fun? Simply visit gorgeouslygreen.com and type in the password. You will receive in-depth information about how to start a Gorgeously Green Girls' Club.™ Password: Club.

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