Blogging Through Team Cartus's Carpool Adventures

Now for the payoff pitch. You're probably asking "would I do it again?"

The answer is, maybe, and that's about as close as you can get to a straight answer from me on anything. Considering that going into this, I thought that the experience would be akin to being punched in the face, hard, with a spiked oven mitt, "maybe" isn't quite as lukewarm as it seems. Overall, it wasn't bad, and even enjoyable at times. After Trevor's tremendously inaccurate characterization of me, it's doubtful that I would ever be able to find someone willing to carpool with me (except for those at the shallow, murky end of the carpool), but maybe, just maybe, I'll join the ranks of the environmentally, and fiscally, responsible.


Carpool Log: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 – Doubling Excuses and Weird Al

By PATRICK LEWIS, Senior Communications Specialist, Cartus Corp.

OK, so here's a new twist in carpool land: Trevor called and bailed on me today.

Apparently he had to close on a house or some nonsense like that, so I'm going solo today. Before ending our conversation, he left me with the cryptic comment that he might need to ask me a favor and "drop him off somewhere tomorrow." Not sure what that means, but isn't it a little bit early in this experiment to be asking for favors?

Today, I took to having my solitude back like a duck to water, so I guess I haven't been totally converted to the carpooling subculture yet. On the plus side, I got to rock out, without being judged, to the Go-Go's Greatest Hits (listen, I don't want to hear any grief about it, because they sold like a billion albums and nobody else likes them? Yeah, right.)

As for yesterday, even though I didn't drive, I arrived home earlier than usual, so the illusion of my life being adversely affected by carpooling was shattered. Go figure.

Oh yeah, as for the smell of Trevor's car? Oddly enough, there was no smell. At all. Very weird. It was almost like he was hiding something. I was figuring it would smell like a mixture of corn chips and patchouli, but nope, not a thing. Another pre-conceived notion bites the dust.

I'm driving tomorrow so I've got a surprise in store.... Let's just say I hope he likes the smell of melted crayons, sticking to things, and a semi-functional cassette player.

I'll leave it at that for now.

Carpool Log: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 – In a Modestly Wistful State

By TREVOR MACOMBER, Corporate Writer, Cartus Corp.

OK—full disclosure time. I didn't carpool today.

Heck, I didn't even go to work today. I actually debated asking Patrick to drive a few extra miles out of his way to drop off my girlfriend and me at our new house, but then decided it wouldn't be fair to my girlfriend to subject her to Patrick's early morning curmudgeonry. (I know "curmudgeonry" isn't a word, but I needed to invent one to more accurately describe Patrick's pre-10 a.m. personality, uhhh, "quirks.")

However, I have to say that while driving to the house alone this morning, I found myself—well, maybe "missing" isn't quite the right word—but certainly in a modestly wistful state of mind about my sudden dearth of commuting conversation.

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