'GMA' Crowns Its Intern Superstar

When You Grow Up, Would You Rather Be an Anchor at "Good Morning America" or a Chart-Topping Singer? Well, I already consider myself somewhat grown up, but there's one segment that I've done a lot of logging [transcribing taped interviews and footage and adding time code references] for this summer, which is called "Double-Lives," and it profiles people who do a professional job during the day and have a wild pastime by night. I could see myself doing that -- living the double life. I'm definitely crazy enough to pull it off, and it would certainly get great ratings.

ShaLyse Walker

Age: 24

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

College: Brigham Young University

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Click here to see ShaLyse's performance!

Describe Your Music: It's pop music with a jazz/blues influence.

Your Biggest Musical Influence: I've always been inspired by women with big voices; for example, Mariah, Christina, Whitney, Celine and Amy Winehouse. Love her.

What Gives You the Edge in This Competition? I've been singing before I was even forming full sentences. Music is a huge part of who I am and I feel like I was born singing, so I hope that really translates to the audience.

Your Favorite Part of Interning for "GMA Weekend": "Intern Superstar!" What else?

Your Least Favorite Part of Interning for "GMA Weekend": Probably logging tapes.

The Silliest Task You Had to Do for a "GMA Weekend" Anchor: Holding an umbrella over not an anchor, not myself but a CAMERA while it poured rain on a beach in Jersey.

Which "GMA Weekend" Anchor Would You Want to Be Stranded on a Desert Island With and Why? RON! [Ron Claiborne] is a single, silver FOX! Hahaha. ... Does this make it awkward now?

When You Grow Up, Would You Rather Be an Anchor at "Good Morning America" or a Chart-Topping Singer? Both. If Carla Bruni can be the first lady of France and a chart-topping singer, then I can be an anchor and chart-topping singer. The only problem after that is finding time to sleep.

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