Lawyer: George and Cindy Anthony Don't Know Truth, Casey Likely to Take Stand in Trial

Lawyer: George and Cindy Anthony Dont Know Truth, Casey Likely to Take Stand in Trial

As George and Cindy Anthony observe the solemn first anniversary of the last day George saw their granddaughter Caylee Anthony alive, the couple's lawyer, Brad Conway, said the grandparents do not know the truth about what happened to Caylee, but he knows of no theory in which the Anthony's daughter and Caylee's mother Casey Anthony is above suspicion.

"They support her, but they don't know what the truth is," Conway said. "There's probably one person that knows the whole truth. That's Casey Anthony."

VIDEO; Anniversary of Little Girls Disappearance

It's a truth that should come out, Conway said, in the course of a trial during which Casey Anthony would likely take the stand in her own defense.

"In this matter, it's almost inconceivable that she wouldn't take the stand. I think based on [Casey Anthony's attorney] Mr. Baez's assertions, she has to take the stand," Conway said.

Casey Anthony was originally arrested for child neglect in July 2008 after she failed to report her 2-year-old daughter Caylee's disappearance a month earlier. In October she was officially charged with the girl's murder, but it was not until December that the toddler's body was found less than a mile from the home Casey lived in with her parents. Her death was ruled as a homicide of undetermined means.

While police have no other suspects in Caylee's death, Conway said there is "reason to believe that other people were involved," and asked if their involvement could even have bordered on "conspiracy."

"I think there's a lot of facts out there that are being held back by the defense, and rightfully so," Conway said. "And those will come out at trial. So I think people's opinions will change."

Click here to visit the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation Web site.

Attorneys Act to Stem 'Speculation,' Fear for Fair Trial

While that trial may be as much as a year away, Conway and Baez have filed motions to restrict the flow of information about case -- including the release of Caylee Anthony's autopsy -- to the public for fear it would inspire more "speculation" and endanger Casey Anthony's "right to a fair trial."

"The goal at this point is to take control over the information that goes out and to have people stop and wait and think about the fact that we all have the right to a fair trial," Conway said. "The utlimate prejudice is it is commented on endlessly by shows that try to present themselves as news shows and so the public gets a skewed version of what's really going on... My point is people crawl out of the woodwork to make comments on this and nobody knows whether it's true or not."

Autopsy, Videotape Reaction to Caylee's Body's Discovery Held

The "most important motion," Conway said, was the one filed to exclude the release of the videotape of Casey's reaction to the discovery of Caylee's body -- the result of what he called a "bizarre moment and cruel."

"They specifically brought her into a portion of the medical wing and videotaped her," Conway said. "I think it's absolutely irrelevant because how does anybody react to the news of the death of their child? ... It should be excluded... It was a set-up and it flavors what the public sees and what the public opinion is."

Through Conway, George and Cindy Anthony also managed to put a stay on the release of Caylee's autopsy report, citing the "deep anguish" it would cause the family as well as the "endless comment and speculation" it would incite in the media.

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