Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

Pears should always wear dark colors on the bottom, taking advantage of the slimming effect of black, charcoal, navy, brown, and other deep tones. Low-rise pants work wonders to minimize your hips and help create a more balanced look. Straight-leg pants or ones with a slight flare do the same by adding width to the bottom of your leg, making your hips look smaller by comparison. A-line and circle skirts are perfect for you, because their shapes skim right over your trouble spots.

Stay away from pants with side pockets and pleats, because they just add extra bulk to your bottom half. By the same token, drawstring pants, with all that extra fabric gathered around your midsection, make your hips look big and broad. And we won't even talk about what they do to your butt!

Pants with a tapered leg are a don't unless you want to look like an ice-cream cone -- and I'm guessing you don't. They make your legs look too skinny from the knee down and make your thighs and hips look wider. Please take a pass on this dated trend.


Best Feature: Upper Body

Your upper body should always be your focal point when you're planning an outfit. Since your goal is to minimize your lower half with simple, dark, solid bottoms, have some fun with your tops.

Look for brighter colors, proportional prints, and sexy necklines. Try a fitted top when you want to look curvy, and a looser, straighter style when you want some camouflage. Wear small shoulder pads -- yes, shoulder pads -- to broaden the top half of your silhouette and offset the fullness of your hips. Play with necklaces and earrings, because they'll draw attention upward. Also, consider your hairstyle in relation to your lower body. A fuller, sexier do just might give you some additional balance by adding volume to your upper half.

When choosing skirts and dresses, always try an A-line first. This style is a reliable classic, and it's tailor-made for your body.


Mix-and-match separates are custom made for the pearshaped girl. No matter how big the difference between your top and bottom, you can buy exactly the size you need. You might also consider looking for tops one day and bottoms the next, making shopping a lot easier.

The Willow

You are tall and slender -- the Nicole Kidman of your neighborhood. Your breasts are small, your waist and hips are narrow, and your legs and arms are long and lean. But what only you realize is that your willowy stature makes it difficult to find clothes that fit properly. If a size is small enough for your slim frame, odds are it will be too short in the legs and arms. On particularly bad shopping days, you have to sneak into the men's department just to find pants that are long enough.

Your goal is to make sure you wear clothing that is suited to your body type. You need pants and jackets that are long enough to cover your limbs, and you want to create proportions that keep you from looking too lanky. Your tops should always be a bit on the longer side, to balance the length of your legs.

When it comes to skirts, you shine in long ones, because your height allows you to wear them with grace. But stay away from the super-short mini. Though shorter skirts that reveal your slender legs are fine, a micro-mini will make you look like you're walking on stilts.

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