Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

Wrap tops and halter dresses are perfect for the apple, because they create the line of the letter "X" across your middle. The X brings the eye into the centerline of your body, minimizing your torso with its diagonal lines and offering flattering camouflage.

The Rectangle

Do you feel boxy instead of foxy? Feel boyish no matter what you wear? Do you get more compliments when you're in your boyfriend's or husband's clothes than when you're wearing your favorite dress? You're a rectangle, with shoulders, waist, and hips that are all about the same width.

You'll be amazed at how you can change the look of your body and create a more feminine image. Start by wearing belts. Skinny, wide, or in between, they're your best choice for accentuating -- and creating -- a waistline. Choose wrap tops and dresses that gather or tie at your waist, drawing diagonal lines that point right to it. Corset tops are also good, because they cinch in your middle and create the illusion of a curvier figure .

Drawstring pants are wonderful for you, because the gathering creates fullness in the hips to give the illusion of a waist. Don't wear extremely low-slung pants, because they'll make you look like a box. A slightly higher rise will give the illusion of the waist you're missing.

Boxy sleeveless tops are a no-no for you. They draw horizontal, masculine lines on your body, and you don't want more of those. Also avoid loose-fitting dresses. Their shapeless style will make you look ... well ...shapeless. And always make sure your jackets don't have wide lapels that add unnecessary width and squareness to your upper body.

Team them with capris to bare some skin on the bottom, too. Gauzy, flowing fabrics and silks and satins are always great choices. Curvy cuts, soft ruffles, and fluted edges all work overtime to balance your straighter lines. Show off your feminine side by wearing skirts and dresses, especially ones with asymmetrical hemlines. When you are wearing masculine styles like blazers and trousers, add something feminine to soften the lines -- a flower pin, a colorful high-heeled shoe, or a sexy lace camisole. Your waistline should be your focal point as often as possible, so your closet should be stocked with expressive belts, fitted tops and jackets, and skirts that have a higher waistline.


Best Features: Arms and Legs

The key for the rectangle is to soften the lines of your body whenever you can. This means paying attention to fabrics and cuts and avoiding those that add unnecessary hard angles to your frame. Showing some skin is a good way to add softness, so choose sleeveless tops that are cut to bare more of your shoulder.

Be a Princess

Tops and jackets with princess seams are a must for your figure. They can be found in the front or back of a garment, running vertically to the waist to create a formfitting shape. Princess seams flatter you with a narrowing effect, making you look more like an hourglass than a rectangle. Success!

The Diamond

You have wide shoulders and a large bust, with narrow hips and killer legs. Your pear-shaped friends envy you for your slender bottom half, but they don't know the other half of it. You, too, struggle with balance -- it's just upside-down -- because you carry most of your weight on the upper half of your body.

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