Transcript: George Stephanopoulos Interviews Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

MEDVEDEV: That woman is virtually a child. She's just 17. But she has taken the decision for herself which brought the deaths of many people. Why? That's the main question. Why? She grew up in the caucusus region. As far as I understand, if I correctly see what you're showing me this is a lady who married one of the bandits. He is a foreign mercenary. He came to Russia in order to fight for his very doubtful ideals. He was killed. And according to the version which today is maintained by the investigation, this woman was one of those that triggered the explosive. Why did she do it? Why did she do that to innocent people? Evidently there's multiple reasons. First one is radicalism. Extremist nature., which is typical for many people arriving from abroad which are fighting against our government and against many other countries in international terrorism. The same people are in Afghanistan, Pakistan. We're constantly catching people of such a breed, or we destroy them. And after we check their documents we find that they are from far away lands. But this woman, she's from Russia. She's married to one of those bandits. And after he was killed, she made the decision to retaliate. But to retaliate on common people. What's the way to fight it? You can fight it only after you understand how to remove the reasons for it. You know how difficult it is to fight terrorism. It's difficult in Russia and in America. In order to fight such activity, you have to change the psychology of the people. You can create normal life conditions in the Caucusus. You have to destroy all of those who came here for terrorism. Those people are infiltrating through the borders.

STEPHANOPOULOS: From Afghanistan, from Pakistan.

MEDVEDEV: From Afghanistan, Pakistan.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So it's the same threat the United States is facing you're saying?

MEDVEDEV: I believe this is the same threat. Those are the same forces, but it has its own national touch. This is a real struggle. But no less important is working with the ordinary people. The ones which don't want peace have to be destroyed. But others which made a mistake and accidentally got involved, or were brainwashed, you still can work with them. And you have to rehabilitate them to normal life. This is difficult. If we talk about an incident like this, this is a totally different story. Because we must understand, what is a subway? This is such a huge stream of people. There is no technology in the world which would be able to detect explosives or suicide bomber belts.

STEPHANOPOULOS: We're lucky it hasn't happened in the States yet.

MEDVEDEV: This is exactly what I told Barack Obama yesterday. I told him 'Barack, the subways are in many places, and you should take care of the transportation.' This is a huge problem for our countries. And this is not just on the technological level. I'm ready to fully cooperate with our American partners. I know our American partners and the President are ready for the same. This is the struggle we'll have for a long time.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It seems that you're also convinced now, to an outsider, that the Iran nuclear program is a threat to the security of the world.

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