A-Rod Heads to Chicago Amid Looming Suspension

The Yankees' third baseman faces a suspension that might last through the 2014 season.
3:00 | 08/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A-Rod Heads to Chicago Amid Looming Suspension
We turn to judgment day for some of baseball's biggest stars. The yankees' alex rodriguez headlines a list of players expected to be suspended today for using performance-enhancing drugs and rodriguez is vowing to not go down without a fight. Abc's paula faris has been following the story for us. Paula, good morning. Already, the headlines not kind to rodriguez. This is going to dominate the news cycle which exactly what the league wants to happen. Now, alex rodriguez along with a dozen others expected to be suspended under the league's drug policy in just a few hours, but most likely even that will not stop rodriguez from starting in tonight's game against the chicago white sox. Even as he faces the very real possibility he'll be suspended, alex rodriguez says he still is on his way to the windy city this morning. Yeah, I'm flying to chicago. Reporter: He's tentatively slated to start at third base for the yankees tonight but not even his team is sure what will happen. My hope is I get him in the lineup tomorrow but I mean i wouldn't say 100%. Reporter: The suspension expected to be handed down today will reportedly last through 2014. Sources tell espn, the league has evidence rodriguez doped then lied about it. A violation of baseball's drug policy. Major league baseball has the goods on these guys and a-rod is in trouble. Reporter: Even if he is punished the star with a contract valued at still more than $100 million could tay in the lineup indefinitely. Under the league's agreement with the players union if a-rod files an appeal, he can keep playing until that appeal is heard. Tonight's game could be the first time the three-time mvp has taken the field with the yankees since october of last year. And after several hip surgery, the 38-year-old slugger eager to prove he can still play. Number 600. I feel like I can help us win. I can help us be a better team. Reporter: Because this is an ongoing investigation, rodriguez says he hasn't been able to share his latest chapter. I'll have that platform and when the time is rile it's tell my full story. Reporter: But some think his ending has been set. Essentially he's been tagged as someone who is a doper, not all of his career. Now a yankees official tells me they expect him to appeal any suspension which means his case will be heard and determined by an arbitrator. It could take over a month to settle. He's still owed over $100 million on his contract which runs through 2017 but bottom line, josh, as long as he's playing he gets paid. Again, we do expect him in that lineup.

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{"id":19869449,"title":"A-Rod Heads to Chicago Amid Looming Suspension","duration":"3:00","description":"The Yankees' third baseman faces a suspension that might last through the 2014 season.","url":"/GMA/video/alex-rodriguez-suspension-alleged-biogenesis-involvement-rod-heads-19869449","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}