A-Rod, Others May Face 100-Game Doping Suspensions

As many as 30 Major League Baseball players are could face record suspensions for steroid use.
2:39 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for A-Rod, Others May Face 100-Game Doping Suspensions
The big breaking story from espn's "outside the lines." Major league baseball players including huge stars like a-rod, alex rodriguez may face significant suspensions in a massive doping scandal and, josh, I know you've been following it overnight. For months, in fact. This wide-ranging investigation into the alleged performance-enhancing drug use in major league baseball. It appears a stunning end to this probe is near. Espn's "outside the lines" reports this morning that dozens of major league baseball players including the yankees' $29 million a year third baseman alex rodriguez may soon be suspended. Allegedly for doping and then lying to baseball about it. Espn says the possible suspensions are based on testimony and notes from this man, tony bosch who ran an anti-aging clinic in miami called biogenesis. But when that business folded late last year medical records from the clinic were leaked. Records which allegedly showed doping by as many as 30 high-profile ball players. What baseball didn't have was somebody who could swear to the truth of those documents and that's what they have now with tony bosch. He'll testify to say those documents are true and accurate. Reporter: Allegedly on those records, rodriguez as well as the blue jays melky cabrera, nelson cruz and ryan braurn of the milwaukee brewers who allegedly failed a steroid test in 2011 but later appealed the suspension and won. If I ever made mistakes I've taken responsibility for my actions and truly believe in my heart that the substance never entered my body. Reporter: Bosch originally refused to cooperate but had a change of heart after the league sued him. He provided ball players with banned drugs age that he even injected them into rodriguez himself. By cooperating with baseball he's trying to take some pressure off of his life financially and legally so in return, baseball will drop the lawsuit. They'll indemnify him for any civil liability he has for testifying against the players. Reporter: Sources tell espn this morning the league may try to suspend some players for up to 100 games instead of the standard 50-game ban because the players allegedly broke two rules, doping and then lying about it. Now, we cannot testify to bosch's credibility on this matter and can also tell you ryan braun always said he had contact with bosch but bosch served as a consultant to him while fighting that suspension back in 2012. Certainly not the end of it. 100-game suspension would be an entirely new precedent. It'll rock the season.

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{"id":19328264,"title":"A-Rod, Others May Face 100-Game Doping Suspensions","duration":"2:39","description":"As many as 30 Major League Baseball players are could face record suspensions for steroid use.","url":"/GMA/video/alex-rodriguez-suspension-doping-allegations-melky-cabrera-nelson-19328264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}