Authorities Hunt for Missing California Mom's Alleged Kidnappers

Police are analyzing DNA evidence and looking for two Hispanic women described by Sherri Papini.
5:36 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Authorities Hunt for Missing California Mom's Alleged Kidnappers
We begin with the latest on the holiday miracle. A California mom missing for three weeks found lay lye on Thanksgiving morning. Police are now looking for two women in connection with the case. Kayna Whitworth is in Redding, California, with the new details. Good morning. Reporter: Yeah, Amy, good morning. Authorities are saying Sherri papini was only able to offer them a vague description of her alleged chapters. This morning, we spoke with the woman who saw papini on the side of the road that morning, saying she looked terrified. This morning trk hunt is on for alleged kidnappers after a missing northern California mother who was reportedly held captive for three weeks, was discovered along this road. Chp is advising she is heavily battered, and sit confirmed a kidnapping. Reporter: Authorities say 34-year-old Sherri papini was terrified, and could only off a vague description of her chapters. To hispanic women armed with a handgun driving a dark SUV. Alison spotted her and called police. I saw a woman, a woman with long blonde hair by the side of the road. Kind of frapticily waving what looked like a shirt. Reporter: Papini told authorities her chapters dropped her off, right there behind me, 150 miles from her home, on Thanksgiving day. She was bound with restraints but able to flag down passing driver. I figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car, she must really need help. She's chained with -- with a quarter-inch heavy chain and -- on her wrists. Reporter: Investigators coming the restraints and papini's clothes for evidence. They're checking cameras. They're investigating papini's past, clinding a previous marriage, and searching her online activity. Currently, we have to reason to disbelieve miss papini's story. She's been assaulted. Now Sherri papini was treated at an area hospital and released. Her husband, Keith, was immediately by her side. The sherry intends to reinterview pap I Ni this week. Thank you, kayna. Joining us is Brad Garrett, a former FBI special agent and veteran felony prosecutor Nancy grace. Good morning to you both. A remarkable story. I remember seeing this on my phone, I can't believe this outcome. How unusual is this type of story? Well, of course, skeptics believe that it's a hoax. But I'm not so sure that that's true. The police are saying -- the sheriff is saying, they have no reason to disbelieve her. They say they're investigator her past. Here is the rub, the fly in the ointment. It's extremely rare for women to commit a violent crime. That's not just an anecdotal statement. According to the U.S. Department of justice, about 75.6% of crimes are committed by men. Okay. So to hear of two women committing a violent felony, kidnap, beating her, restraining her this way, and as of yet, there's no motive, that's why people are skeptical. I can tell you this. I've seen even stranger scenarios that are true. And Brad, let me ask you this. Sherri papini was found battered. Chained. Police are looking for those two women. What do you make of the scene that was set? First of all, we don't know what role these women played. Could they have been involved in the kidnapping? Of course. But, figuring out their position in this whole thing, did they find her? Were they associated with the bad guys who kidnapped her and they dropped her off? The real key is the small details she can remember. What was the room like? What did it smell like? Was it near a barn? Were people on cell phones? She's going listen for accents. All those little clues combined with social media may find these guys. Nancy, do you think there are other avenues investigators should be pursuing? Absolutely. What Brad just said sparked my mind. A cell tower dump would be very beneficial right now. In order, cell phone tower near the spot where she was taken, very near her home, where they found her ear buds and her cell phone, strands of her hair in the ear buds. A cell tower dump would give you ever cell phone that passed that was turned on at that moment. Within that hour. That would be very, very helpful. They're looking at computers. iPhones. What is I missing here is any motive on her part. Why would she do this? Restain herself and beat herself in way that made them take her to the hospital? Before I'm going to be skeptic and cynical, I'm leaning to believe her right now. And think we should be thankful she's home. Nancy and Brad, thank you. George, what's up next?

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{"id":43819069,"title":"Authorities Hunt for Missing California Mom's Alleged Kidnappers","duration":"5:36","description":"Police are analyzing DNA evidence and looking for two Hispanic women described by Sherri Papini.","url":"/GMA/video/authorities-hunt-missing-california-moms-alleged-kidnappers-43819069","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}