Brad Pitt's Return to Nature

The actor opens up about his love of the land in Wine Spectator magazine.
1:47 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Brad Pitt's Return to Nature
We want to turn out to pop extra Brad Pitt calling himself -- farmer now he's opening up about his love and the law of the land in the new issue of wine spectator magazine. -- I remember Brad Angelina they -- they -- in Provence France that was two years ago. Cool sixty million dollars they spent on that one will now. They're making money the -- -- maybe trying to make money off the land they've begun producing world class -- Partnering with wind superstar mark -- and and in the magazine -- says he loves learning which fields are right for which grapes and clearing the forest -- in the off months. It's his way of escaping the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and he says he's quote. Instantly reminded what quiet. Sounds like but also got a cool if you're buying wind -- Have friends over to the assailant -- Brad and Angelina -- -- -- A core facts and friends back into their put this together and they know that this isn't it to me I am completely on his side I've always been a wine lover I worked with Kendall Jackson a couple of companies to talk about how mentality where they're going to plans. -- -- how the weather affect each -- And I went this past fall and just fell more and more in love with people how much attention it takes and they put so much love. Into that product it's -- tech. -- there's ever any doubt about Brad and Angelina having a good I think this this deal video they're making Hawaii -- they had on their property but that rose Lara had actually pap news months and we alligator -- I'm didn't get any public like the taste test pop music was just to looked beautiful that's no fun -- -- Landmine in case you're watching slapcast. Or graphic up batter and hit yeah bracket your assessment of tiger -- --

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{"id":23972988,"title":"Brad Pitt's Return to Nature","duration":"1:47","description":"The actor opens up about his love of the land in Wine Spectator magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/brad-pitts-return-nature-23972988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}