Bride: Wedding 'Not Ruined' After Bridal Party Fell in Lake

Twenty-nine-person bridal party fell into a lake at Frank Frearon and Patricia Matthew's wedding.
3:00 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bride: Wedding 'Not Ruined' After Bridal Party Fell in Lake
We showed you this video. On the big show this morning. Picturesque lakeside running in Georgia. Took a detour to chance of rain are we gonna -- it now or can't conjure up and -- -- take a look at other. So there certainly -- I -- Patricia parents despite a 60%. Was a picture perfect wedding date for newlyweds frank and -- -- and that is until this happened. 29 people -- Georgia's Lake Lanier when the dot beneath them collapsed as the wedding party was taking wedding photos. It seemed magical that the rain held off. And it didn't matter the entire wedding party. Lists ninety degrees and just almost all of us. English one bridesmaids suffered a fractured humorous and a dislocated shoulder while others had minor bruising losses -- reason for concern at Ericsson medicine is we got. -- should enter -- was OK then you know senator Cantwell. Barney. So how did the party feel about being dumped into the murky water. -- -- even though a lot of students a lot of iphones were damaged but all of that just laughed that off -- when god so loved him back into -- and reliability -- They're big days any reflection on the rest of their life together. Well let's hope for smoother sailing those moderate way is -- is huge. Like a million people came -- to us is that is the best thing I've ever been -- it was a black had a lot of fun. Something tells me that of the million the told -- that they were not among the 29 went. Yes let's just. Maybe that detect it actually. Great attitude let's take away here. No wedding pictures near Lana -- -- in -- never. Ever worked well that's an average I think that's track may never work back there I never got -- -- -- exit. It's you have -- album on the fragile people are proud to visit the -- Tuesday.

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{"id":19270993,"title":"Bride: Wedding 'Not Ruined' After Bridal Party Fell in Lake","duration":"3:00","description":"Twenty-nine-person bridal party fell into a lake at Frank Frearon and Patricia Matthew's wedding.","url":"/GMA/video/bride-wedding-ruined-bridal-party-fell-lake-19270993","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}