2 Carnival Cruise Ships Experiencing Trouble at Sea in 24 Hours

Dream and Legend ships plagued by mechanical problems off coasts of Honduras and St. Maarten.
2:20 | 03/15/13

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Transcript for 2 Carnival Cruise Ships Experiencing Trouble at Sea in 24 Hours
Two more ships unable to complete their cruises one stranding more than 4,000 passengers. Gio benitez tracking the ships moving all too slowly and, boy, gio, carnival can'tch a break. Not fun day in that management office. Both are on the water. One stuck in the caribbean. The other is slowly trying to get back to the u.S. So many saying this morning not again. Overnight abc news has learned that yet another carnival ship is in troubled waters, the carnival "legend" off the coast of honduras this morning. It is unable to sail at its optimal speed because of technical difficulty. Carnival tells abc news that the "legend" has canceled its visit to grand cameman and now returning to its home port of tampa. Some 1500 miles away, the carnival "dream" and its nearly 4500 passengers are finding themselves stranded in st. Maarten after the ship's emergency generator malfunctioned on the last leg of the seven-day cruise. Chris anderson was on the ship with his family. People are obviously upset, disappointed but it seems like in general most folks are going with the flow. Reporter: Carniva the ship hasn't lost power but admits there were interruptions to elevators and toilets. For a few hours wednesday night. It has people thinking about carnival's "triumph" where just weeks ago passengers were sleeping in tents on the deck, toilets overflowing, no power. Little food. You know what I thought, everyone gave me a hard time when I was booking this cruise saying I can't believe you're going on a carnival after after what happened with the "triumph." What are the odds it's going to happen again, right? And then look at us now. Reporter: We asked carnival those planning a spring break why trust them? The company's reply "we provide enjoyable vacations to 4.5 million people each year. It is important to remember that in neither instance was guest and crew safety compromised." ♪ Reporter: And thursday night carnival flew grammy winning singer john secada on to the ship to perform for stranded passengers. Thank god that I wasn't far away to be here tonight to sing for everybody here on board. Reporter: And starting today, the passengers of the "dream" will be flown to florida, they'll receive partial refunds for the days they missed out on and get half off of their next vacation. Hmm. There you go.

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{"id":18736218,"title":"2 Carnival Cruise Ships Experiencing Trouble at Sea in 24 Hours","duration":"2:20","description":"Dream and Legend ships plagued by mechanical problems off coasts of Honduras and St. Maarten.","url":"/GMA/video/carnival-cruise-ships-dream-legend-trouble-sea-honduras-st-maarten-18736218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}