Casey Kasem's Daughter Granted Regular Visits

Washington State judge rules in favor of Kerri Kasem's increased involvement in the care of her father.
2:32 | 05/31/14

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Transcript for Casey Kasem's Daughter Granted Regular Visits
Now, to the legal drama and family feud swirling around Casey kasem. His wife stepping forward to give an emotional defense of her handling of this situation, as concerns for kasem's health mounts. ABC's bazi kanani is on the story in Los Angeles. Good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. The scandal getting more public attention, earlier this month, when kasem's children reported him missing. This morning, kasem's daughter believes that the last court hearing was a victory for her. But the bitter battle continues. How about his health? Reporter: The daughter of Casey kasem, leaving his side in tears, just hours after a Washington judge granted her the right to visit him. Hello, again, everybody. Welcome to America's top 10. Reporter: The deejay who counted down the hits for decades is now 82. Reportedly barely able to speak because of a debilitating condition. He was not in the courtroom Friday, where Jean kasem, his wife of 34 years and her stepdaughter, Kerry kasem, continued their battle to continue his medical care. He has a lung infection and a bladder infection. From what my opinion, not being taken care of to the full extent. Reporter: The emotions, mostly contained in court, boiled over afterward. Shame on these children. Shame, who have done this to their father. And who have shredded my family. Reporter: Jean kasem spoke publicly outside of the home near Seattle, where they have been staying on vacation, denying accusations that she sneaked him away from this los Angeles nursing home earlier this month, leaving a California judge to grant kasem's daughter temporary authority over his care. The judge in Washington has not yet ruled on that issue. But did grant the daughter visitation with a doctor of her choice. I'm happy with how the court proceedings went today. Both sides in this excruciating family feud, accusing the other of distressing the deejay and tarnishing his legacy. Keep your feet on the ground and reaching for the stars. Reporter: A judge in California ordered kasem's wife to bring him back to L.A. But the judge in Washington says he should remain there for now. And decide whether to enforce the California court order next Friday. And then, even more court hearings are expected. This bitter dispute not expected to end anytime soon. Hopefully the family can resolve their differences. Thanks to you. We will turn to a much lighter story.

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{"id":23941461,"title":"Casey Kasem's Daughter Granted Regular Visits","duration":"2:32","description":"Washington State judge rules in favor of Kerri Kasem's increased involvement in the care of her father. ","url":"/GMA/video/casey-kasems-daughter-granted-regular-visits-23941461","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}