Joan Rivers Wants Daughter Melissa to Marry

Comedian remembers how her mom reacted to her stand-up.
3:00 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for Joan Rivers Wants Daughter Melissa to Marry
Now somewhere else and read something funny analysts is that -- at my mom so open to all these alternative lifestyles are different lifestyles. Yet she can't get over the fact that I don't want to get married again. Yes yes I want I want to see it arrogance -- -- alone. That's the difference I wouldn't you bring me home. Oprah probably very happy. Open -- could see that happens. Would be critical writing my parents would deal with corruption and married sandwich. Yet I would have a two -- -- interracial. And and lesbian that we grace. Now I also heard you said that you are he would be open to meeting someone but you are masters at age. Well -- they have to be alive which you ready -- minutes in my age group. 86 is said to them. You again. Moses I -- I've been around for ever. I hail man you know it's and that they made that do that collecting bears his name and the housing is just wrong. Guess I just think of you we did you start obsessing about your age and you know we -- you when you start making the jokes about those innocent. Patent -- around sixty. -- I don't have -- long. Odd days -- -- and make you feel immediately. That you Al comedians I always -- Actresses have a lot of friends and actresses. They you know -- you know and suddenly you're Michelle buy back your plane came back there. It's very tough. If you can easily -- funny -- -- you look here you see a picture of the south you know who is act. Who is -- in the US that's -- You've got to come to answer -- how are you on the -- like what would you say your years. Spiritually is traveling to -- -- I'm so attuned now to old. -- just doing now signs I love everything it's happening so I. Training series. You know I have friends -- his say I wish I was forty yet how would you have always have you thing -- Well Melissa was only nineteen years old when your your husband her father killed himself and you -- and through some pretty dark areas. Could you find that funny -- -- you -- you -- you deal with it laughter was -- dark here agrees that. I don't know how -- stand -- indeed how can -- laughter and other people only. Place I was happy -- day. As to my mother died. Businesses and very suddenly. And I it Dortmund that only plays -- -- three months I was truly happy so I go on stage. -- We'll let you having to attack that you can love you got. Coca you know and start -- -- I love. Anything. To advocate for second. Did your mom think you were funny. -- My family's very -- my dad was -- a very. My mother would have managed to stand up comedian because in those days -- -- -- -- -- she -- the audience and I was and I. I couldn't get married as my mother at a -- -- before a freeway and she would say -- is absolutely not -- And that they lived luckily I can seniority hosting costs and so then. I'm sure they still didn't know I was that was about it that they Aniston's I was OK they had to be so proud but it wasn't a traditional route but no way. US feed your mom so you're you're superstars as a friend of Ed -- she died friends said to me my mother -- She said my mother -- sister Alice -- this. She's the superstar I thought -- France but has yet we have sweet yeah. And I lived long -- Not -- -- a good middle class -- and that won't have that I it's in my mother and let's get what have you. And she -- she died. Three -- in -- came -- she just recovered and maybe he has some good -- So that was -- and they lived to see advocates religious Elvis Presley who -- sat next and I said Jim haven't. Live to see success he started to cry. To -- my mom gets solved. And I got it right away she -- so I think have boy was going to be okay. Does -- still crossed your mind when you do these amazing things and continue still actively. They're like a soulful do you say -- be proud lake -- -- women who is he -- like it's -- They Bradley Cooper can't look at playing. You delete obscene -- spread the cuts would. Doctor hi -- Not now not that -- giving out Matt yeah -- rating agency and we need. Any regrets. Very few really know I wish I. Then -- cancel my money. -- with a great and we. -- my door is Simon grants inspired I think. I bid is good to my friend Zack and lastly I really have very few of them connect. His -- -- some men manages that yes looking back if you have the opportunity take. That's its net yeah especially -- an -- -- and stupid -- in the back in. Excitement for tax that this is due I was at such a period yeah that's it it looked rested and -- yes. What piece of life advice would you give to people still making their way along. A piece of -- and -- friend gave to me. An online -- and and -- -- race. And don't waste your energy on what anybody else is doing well she got the job and I didn't. Mind your business work -- yourself.

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{"id":24404240,"title":"Joan Rivers Wants Daughter Melissa to Marry","duration":"3:00","description":"Comedian remembers how her mom reacted to her stand-up.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-joan-rivers-daughter-melissa-marry-24404240","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}