Chicago Team Makes it to Little League World Series

This is the first time a Chicago team has made it to the Little League World Series in 31 years.
2:12 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Chicago Team Makes it to Little League World Series
Lara, there's a big fun event coming up. Yeah, this is a story I hope puts a smile on your face. I mow it did mine. The little league world series is under way. A team of inner city kids from Chicago is taking the tournament by storm giving the windy city a whole lot to cheer about. It's over, Chicago -- Reporter: It was a big win Thursday for Chicago's Jackie Robinson west little league team. That ball is driven to left field. Reporter: Crushing their opponents, pacific little league of Linwood, Washington, 12-2 in their first game of the little league world series. 13-year-old pierce Jones smacking three home runs. I've never played a game where I hit three home runs. I'm pretty sure it's the best game of my life. Reporter: Bringing a much needed moment of pride to a city riddled with violence with 82 shootings occurring over fourth of July weekend alone. It means a lot to me and Chicago. Reporter: This is the first time a Chicago little league team has made it to the world series in 31 years. There's been a lot of negative press. These guys playing this style of baseball and making everyone proud back home in the city. Let's go, baby. Reporter: And they have the support of the entire windy city behind them from pro ball players to everyday fans, even Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel attending watch Pears cross the land of Lincoln. They're doing it. They're making an example. They're setting goals and reaching them and that's a positive. Reporter: A pack of 13 inspiring a nation. It's like a dream come true. The best moment in baseball ever for me. Fantastic and there is another inspiring story in the little league world series this year. That Philadelphia girl who fires 70-mile-an-hour fastballs, Monet Davis expected to pitch for her team this afternoon against the team from Tennessee. That's on ESPN later today. This is some good ball playing. So much fun. I love pierce there. He was like I think it might be my best game. I was like, you think so. If you can ever go, it is sheer delight. So many stories like that but if you can't, watch it on ESPN. Yeah.

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{"id":24993367,"title":"Chicago Team Makes it to Little League World Series","duration":"2:12","description":"This is the first time a Chicago team has made it to the Little League World Series in 31 years. ","url":"/GMA/video/chicago-team-makes-league-world-series-24993367","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}