Chicago Area Woman Dominates on 'Jeopardy!'

Julia Collins has more consecutive wins than any contestant other than all-time champ Ken Jennings.
3:47 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Chicago Area Woman Dominates on 'Jeopardy!'
this now. This 31-year-old from suburban Chicago has more consecutive "Jeopardy" wins than any contestant other than all-time champ ken Jennings, the answer, of course, who is Julia Collins. She's here live's we'll talk to her fresh from her record-breaking win Friday but first we'll take a look at her winning streak so far. She's been on the show so many types even Alex trebek is stumped. I have no more questions for her. I don't know what to talk about. 31-year-old Julia Collins wracking up more consecutive wins than any woman in "Jeopardy" history. What is the can pay, the falls, the house of usher. Coming up with the correct answer 92% of the time. Her triumph Friday. You're now a 20-game winner. Reporter: Launching her into second place for the most consecutive nontournament wins by any player. Her expertise in topics like. Artists. His toy for a thousand. Culture for 2,000. Couldn't come at a better time out of work since the beginning of the year, now the record and the nearly $500,000 in prize money offering a suitable answer to this age-old question. Julia. What is happiness. Happiness, yeah. And we are definitely happy to have "Jeopardy" champ Julia Collins with us this morning. Welcome. Thank you. You've been wanting to be on "Jeopardy" since eighth grade and can prove it by your yearbook. I did. I predicted I would be a ten time champion in my eighth grade yearbook and nobody is more surprised that that came true. Not only did you say you wanted to be on it but champ. What is your strategy thus far? Why do you think you've won so many ties. I have a really good memory and I'm good at the buzzer but my strategy is really just to buzz in first and answer the questions right and it's that simple. Did you do any studying, though. I did. I did. What? I tried to review things I knew I knew but couldn't necessarily remember and then brush up on topics that come a lot on "Jeopardy" like opera and Shakespeare. Things that you weren't quite sure of. Right. You said you have a good memory. I do so I'm lucky in that but, you know, I was a history major, I spent a lot of time learning a lot of fact. Ha helps. Train that part of my brain if we have a lot of games on our show and Lara always buzzes in. She is so quick with that buzzer. That's part of your strategy too. How does that work? Well, when Alex finishes Reading the question. He finishes because Lara doesn't wait until -- sorry. That's the thing. If you try to buzz in in the middle they'll get blocked out but wait until Alex finishes and that's worked well for me. You could be buzzing even when he's asking even though it won't click in until after he completes. Right, right. Ah. That's interesting. We didn't know that. So next time we have it here on the show I think -- you know, you're going down next time, Lara. Well, you know, you cannot be stumped on the show thus far. Our audience feels that they can stump you and so they put some questions on Facebook. Are you ready. All right. Are you ready, Julia. This one comes from Sara. She says, although it is landlocked it is illegal to hunt whales in this state. Ooh. I don't know. I have no -- Does someone -- Alaska? Utah. The answer is Utah. Oh, my goodness. Way to go. Sara. This is the last one from Cody. The man featured on the front of American hundred dollar bills once proposed that this animal should instead be named as our nation's symbol. What is the Turkey? Ding, ding, ding, you worn. You've got that one right, hey, Julia, congratulations. Thank you. And all the best going forward. Be sure to watch Julia on "Jeopardy."

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{"id":23954553,"title":"Chicago Area Woman Dominates on 'Jeopardy!'","duration":"3:47","description":"Julia Collins has more consecutive wins than any contestant other than all-time champ Ken Jennings.","url":"/GMA/video/chicago-woman-dominates-jeopardy-23954553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}