Dee Dee Moore Trial: Woman Accused of Murdering Lottery Winner

Mark Greenblatt tracks the latest updates from the courtroom.
2:28 | 12/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dee Dee Moore Trial: Woman Accused of Murdering Lottery Winner
for the family. We're going to start with a strange trial. The woman accused of befriending and murdering a lottery winner, had to have a doctor with her in court on friday. What's going on here? Abc's mark greenblatt is on the story. Good morning, sir. Reporter: Good morning. This is the trial that gets stranger every day. First, the murder suspect was almost thrown out of court. Then, sex with the detective who was hot on her trail. She told me she could get a free room at the hard rock casino. And she performed sexual acts on me. Reporter: The detective dropped the biggest bombshell, that moore offered him sex. I told her, if she kept lying, I was going to get angry. She said I wasn't going to get angry. That I was going to have sex with her. Police charged moore with shakespeare's murder. Moore was often reduced to tears in court, after spending the night hospitalized, claiming medical probms. This, just one day after she almost got thrown out of her own murder trial. Allegedly for making faces, to communicate with jurors. I cautioned you throughout these proceedings. It's not acceptable. Reporter: Shakespeare had said after he won that jackpot in florida, it seemed everyone he knew just wanted his money. I liked my old life back, when I could walk the streets like a normal person. Detectives say shakespeare's luck ran out for good, when moore got close to him. They say his normally busy cell phone went inactive, except for mysterious calls, placed only to moore. But police say it was a charade. She had made those calls to herself. You used his phone. Where's the phone now. And don't lie to me. Where's the phone? Just tell me. I threw it away. Where did you throw it away at? On the side of the road. Reporter: This courtroom tension, that her public defenders may be causing her strange behavior. I don't pretend to know precisely what kinds of things she's reacting to. But I know it's very stressful for her. Reporter: And on monday, the prosecution will continue its case. Dan, bianna, with a six-hour taped interrogation. Expecting to come into play. We'll continue to cover it.

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{"id":17855154,"title":"Dee Dee Moore Trial: Woman Accused of Murdering Lottery Winner","duration":"2:28","description":"Mark Greenblatt tracks the latest updates from the courtroom.","url":"/GMA/video/dee-dee-moore-trial-woman-accused-murdering-lottery-17855154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}