Wayne Knight on Playing Santa on Broadway

Actor chats about his starring role in the new Broadway play, "Elf, the Musical."
1:33 | 11/29/12

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Transcript for Wayne Knight on Playing Santa on Broadway
We are now getting a sneak peek, if you will, at the show that's bringing plenty of holiday cheer to broadway. Our friends from "elf" the musical, stopped by. And we're happy to have wayne knight, everybody. He plays the big guy himself. And the musical is playing at the hirschfeld theater in new york. What do you mean the big guy? It's the best holiday story ever. And anyone who puts on the suit and plays the role of santa, those are big shoes to fill. Are you aware of the weighty responsibility? It's not dissimilar from my pr role. I carry a big bag around and give people things. Oh, newman. Very funny. But the character in "elf," the main character, if you've seen the movie, we all know. He has a bit of an identity crisis. Yes. How do you bring that to life on stage? Well, if you've been raised by elves, you're a human being, there's a duality in your life that really needs to play out on the stage. Well, we need to see a little snippet, everybody. Wegot a little scene here? Yes. Here, the story is, that buddy, who has been raised by elves, is actually human. And he's got a human birth father, who is working for a children's publishing company. And he has to pitch the best idea possible for a children's book. And buddy has it. His story, the story of buddy, the elf.

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{"id":17837123,"title":"Wayne Knight on Playing Santa on Broadway","duration":"1:33","description":"Actor chats about his starring role in the new Broadway play, \"Elf, the Musical.\"","url":"/GMA/video/elf-musical-star-wayne-knight-interview-star-discusses-17837123","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}