Twin Brother and Sister Shed 200 Lbs.

David and Rebecca, 22, commit to change their lifestyle after weighing a combined 900 lbs.
4:53 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Twin Brother and Sister Shed 200 Lbs.
summer and I'm getting our times square summer slimdown in high gear as you can see with a little inspiration from chris powell. He is back tonight. He's in three makeover shows and "extreme weight loss." We'll meet two twins who weigh almost 900 pounds. Keep jumping, chris. Keep jumping. Just keep jumping. We'll take a look at the first 90 days of the twins' joy. I said jump. I said jump. 222-year-old twins have struggled with their weight their entire lives. Growing up david and I trauma bonded through the bad experiences and what we did was we turned toward each other and we turned to food. Faster, faster. Reporter: Extreme weight loss host chris powell surprises the two with the best 23rd birthday gift ever. Aaagh. Both of you. Reporter: He brings the twins to l.A. To begin their transformation, first up the dreaded weigh-in process. We're on a loading dock. I got to the point where I have to weigh in on a freight scale. Reporter: Followed by grueling workout after grueling workout. Come on. We got this. First days are so critical in this journey. They tackled their eating habit. Protein the size of your palm. Yep. Carbs, it's the size of your st. Okay. And for fat, thumb. Super easy. 45-day mark and the clock is ticking. Reporter: Using chris' signature workout they started to change their bodies. I can already tell my stamina is going up. I can work out longer, harder. Sweating droplets out of my arm. It's freaking awesome. After 90 day chris checks in with their progress. Step on the scale. You lost 112 pounds. Wow! Becca, you lost 92 pounds. You guys lost 204 pounds. Reporter: Losing more than 200 pounds combined in the first 90 days alone. They still have a long way to go. You can do that much more. It's time to start living. We're going to have to wait till tonight to see the final result transformation weight loss contributor chris powell, always, always so good to see you here. Those twins are just on their way. You know, there's so many people that have to lose a lot of weight. You're like, where do I get started? How do we get started. The biggest mistake people make, they try to make a quantum leap and say I'll do 45 minutes of cardio. Just take a small trip. Remove the soda from lunch or walking in place and while you're watching tv for five minutes a day. It's about making that small promise you know you can keep each and every day. That's how the transformation journey begins. Think big but focus small, day to day just one thing you can do. Give us when it comes to food give us that one tip or the one suggestion that you would have for us that would really help us out. You know what, one thing a lot of people experience is cravings. We all have cravings, right, especially when we're dieting so we have to think about smart snacking. I'm a huge fan of almonds, packed with nutrition, preteen and two things that keep us full fat and fiber. Constantly carry a little snack pack with almonds around with me. I'm a big believer in almonds too. You are a paid spokesperson for the california almond board. I know that -- which is awesome advice. I get to team up with these people about something I love to eat. How about movement? It's all about eating less and moving more. When it comes to movement, especially for people that are just learning how to move it's about exploring the range of motion but a pain-free rank of motion so one thing I always recommend for people, just moving five minutes a day while watching tv. Show us a simple move. I love to get people to do especially when they're just starting out, here's my challenge, while you're watching tv during a commercial break it's what we call a step check. Step up and reach down as far as you can and reach overhead. That's it. That's it but I got to tell you, look, every muscle in my body is in motion. I'm burning calories. If I did that for a couple of minutes a day I'll burn a lot of calories. It's that first step. You could do that, right? That's something simple to do. You guys could do it. And the commercial break watching your show tonight. There you go. We'll do that. And brand-new name, doesn't it? We put the name on a diet instead of extreme weight loss edition it's "extreme weight loss." Good to have you and your beautiful wife with us. Premieres tonight on abc. More of chris' hot moves to slim

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{"id":19270447,"title":"Twin Brother and Sister Shed 200 Lbs.","duration":"4:53","description":"David and Rebecca, 22, commit to change their lifestyle after weighing a combined 900 lbs.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-makeover-weight-loss-edition-twin-brother-sister-19270447","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}