Bride Plans Wedding for Decade, Long Before Meeting Husband

Paula Faris looks at some outrageous wedding trends taking place today.
2:27 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for Bride Plans Wedding for Decade, Long Before Meeting Husband
Nearly every woman dreams of her wedding day. Some start planning earlier than others. One started planning before that important piece was in place. She had planned the perfect wedding. From the dress, to the flowers, she had booked the band. The only thing missing was the groom. I booked my band nine years in advance. I said, I don have a groom. But if you're still around, will you play my wedding? Reporter: Kate owens had been planning her dream day for nearly a decade, ten years before she met her prince charming. I knew the style of dress i wanted. I knew the color scheme. I knew I wanted to be outdoors. I think some people probably thought I was nuts. Reporter: By the time she met mr. Right, kate has assembled a wedding binder full of ideas. Nobody knew about the binder. It was another binder on the shelf. Reporter: Not even engaged, she had to break ate to her beau. I was a little surprised at first. The wedding book? I haven't seen that since the fourth grade. First organized alphabetically, then geographically. Then, by square footage. Reporter: Nearly 40% of the website's visitors are not engaged. They have a section devoted that those dreamers. And it's one of the site's most popular message boards. It's okay to fantasize. And it's okay to preplan and be that way. At the end of the day, you have to remember there's another person involved in this wedding. That's your to-be husband. Reporter: For kate and sean when their big day arrived, they hadn't deviated much. And sean even had a say. He picked out the tux and the suit that the guys wore. I just gave him a color scheme to work with. Reporter: Now, they're gearing up for the next phase of their life. And naturally, there's a plan. We're working on starting a family, hopefully soon. She even booked the band nine years prior to her wedding. She had a working document on her computer titled life, not marriage. She was a little embarrassed about it. That's very cute. I think so, too. When kool and the gang shows up, we'll know wh she got a deal. From nine years ago.

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{"id":18334262,"title":"Bride Plans Wedding for Decade, Long Before Meeting Husband","duration":"2:27","description":"Paula Faris looks at some outrageous wedding trends taking place today.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-wedding-panning-bride-plans-wedding-decade-meeting-18334262","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}