Facebook announces overhaul of News Feed

CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated in a statement that the change toward more personal content is meant to ensure that people's time on Facebook is well spent.
1:57 | 01/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook announces overhaul of News Feed
Now we are going to go to a major announcement from Facebook. If you didn't notice, the overall of your news feed overnight they're trying to enhance connections with family and friends and our chief business and technology correspondent Rebecca Jarvis is here. Billions of users will be affected by these changes. What is Facebook actually trying to do. It's happening right now. So Facebook is going old school. They are going back to their roots. It is flashback Friday but flashback Friday 24/7 because they want you to see your friends and family in your feed so they're focusing on the baby picture, the puppy pics. Posts about your major life events and pushing aside some of that content that we spend more time passively scrolling through in the feed like articles and viral videos from businesses and brands, Michael. Trying to condense everything to make it more interesting. And more personal to people. Why are they doing this now? Well, Facebook has reached and faced a lot of criticism recently around what they're doing, around what consuming Facebook does to us as people. And they've been making these changes and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook even talked about this early in the year saying we need to be better for society and we need to think about how we're doing things in society. They believe based on their research that interacting with your friends and family and having these personal interacts on Facebook can actually be good for your health. Good for your health Good for your health, Facebook. But we're not about what could happen. These are happening. They are in process so people waking up this morning we looked at a number of our Facebook feeds. You'll see stuff like friends and family, baby pictures and see more of that right away but it's also something that will be a work in progress over time. Still throws me off to see my mom on Facebook and my friends are like your mom commented to me on Facebook. I like that. I don't. Thank you.

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{"id":52302691,"title":"Facebook announces overhaul of News Feed","duration":"1:57","description":"CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated in a statement that the change toward more personal content is meant to ensure that people's time on Facebook is well spent.","url":"/GMA/video/facebook-announces-overhaul-news-feed-52302691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}