Florida Tornado Videos Show Twisters Across State

Sam Champion explains what caused the sudden outbreak of at least 13 tornadoes.
1:23 | 12/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Tornado Videos Show Twisters Across State
Exactly what you would expect when a powerful Arctic front drops into the heat -- humidity -- been waiting down south not take a look at this. This is what folks in not Edgewater Florida came face to face with this funnel cloud just through their windshield there twisting. Turning right in front and barely touched down for about thirty seconds in the right now is unconfirmed. That it was a tornado but it sure looks like one from the turn right there. Get about seventy miles away -- in Florida this twister. Just off in the distance there about a 105 mile per hour winds there 150 properties damaged and one car wash that we are able to -- the damage report completely. Destroyed the building that was destroyed out of that now at least thirteen tornadoes touched down with this powerful blast all the -- through the deep south. Take a look at these around Little Rock Birmingham just south of the Birmingham area between Jackson there also in Baton -- -- thirteen tornadoes 46 storm reports from this this is that Arctic front the southern part of it that also brought snow by the way all the way from Minneapolis. Well to Dallas now when you take a look at the pictures that we were getting yesterday. You can see this notes kind of that. -- -- to spin that's -- it's more than a foot deep and senators from Wisconsin all the way to Minnesota Twitter pictures everywhere coming out of Dallas with their first hit of snow for the season. Dallas now it's had more snow. This season. In Chicago from this Arctic blast because they were completely left out of it so will watch what happens today most of that severe weather has moved now into the tip of Florida.

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{"id":17931394,"title":"Florida Tornado Videos Show Twisters Across State","duration":"1:23","description":"Sam Champion explains what caused the sudden outbreak of at least 13 tornadoes.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-tornado-video-videos-show-twisters-funnel-clouds-17931394","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}