Gay Rights Pioneer to Head US Delegation in Sochi

Obama is sending a message to Vladimir Putin by sending Billie Jean King to Winter Olympics.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for Gay Rights Pioneer to Head US Delegation in Sochi
the winter olympics in russia. For the first year, the delegation will not include the president, vice president or first lady. It will include billie jean king, a pioneer for gay rights. Reporter: There is no question about that. When russia passed that notorious gay propaganda law earlier this year, the president rejected calls to boycott the olympics. But he harshly criticized the law. And now, he's sending a clear message by sending america's most prominent openly-gay athlete to represent the united states. In a statement, the white house said, the u.S. Delegation to the olympic games represents the diversity that is the united states. As for billie jean king, she made it clear immediately that she intends to use this post to make a statement about gay rights in russia and beyond. She said in a statement, quote, I am deeply honored. I can't wait to get to russia to support the american team. I'm equally proud to stand with members of the lgbt community in support of all athletes who will be competing in sochi. And I hope these olympic games will be a watershed moment for the universal acceptance of all people. The president took the boycott off the table early on. But he has been putting the pressure on on these anti-gay policies. Reporter: He's spoken out forcefully and personally. This olympic delegation, not represented by the first lady or the vice president. But by theeputy chief of staff. Make no mistake. That is also a message. Let's get to abc's amy robach and the top stories.

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{"id":21258227,"title":"Gay Rights Pioneer to Head US Delegation in Sochi","duration":"3:00","description":"Obama is sending a message to Vladimir Putin by sending Billie Jean King to Winter Olympics.","url":"/GMA/video/gay-rights-pioneer-head-us-delegation-sochi-21258227","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}